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It is a widely accepted fact that Google is the first and foremost source of information when it comes to opting for a particular product or service. With that being said, there lies a huge opportunity to grasp the attention of these users and turn them into potential leads for your clients. With the help of our white label google ads management services, you can help your clients expand their online presence and you can boost your business profits as we deliver the best services under your brand.

Organic Versus Paid Google Ads: What’s the difference? ​

The organic or non-paid approach includes working on improving your website SEO with the help of a wide range of tweaks and strategies. While this can help your client’s business grow, it needs some time before you can see visible results.

On the other hand, paid campaigns can be really helpful for those looking for immediate results as the advertisements are prioritized over non-paid content. So a better approach would be to work on a balanced strategy that includes both organic and paid SEO. 

Among various available platforms, Google Ads is one of the most powerful paid advertising tools that work on a PPC basis. That is why we provide exclusive White Label PPC Management for Google Ads that can help your client’s business grow exponentially in a short span of time.

How can we help your clients with Google Adwords?​

With years of dedicated white label AdWords management services, our team has gained the required skills and expertise that help us to deliver satisfactory results to your clients. Whether your client deals with the healthcare industry or offers legal services, we have experts from different niches to cater to all your needs.

Here’s how you can get the most out of our white label AdWords services:

Why Use Google Ads? ​

When it comes to PPC campaigns, Google Ads are the best option to opt for. Your ads will appear not only in Google search results but also in related Google platforms including YouTube and even the websites that have opted to show ads from Google Adwords. This helps improve your online visibility and leads to increased traffic and improved SEO score. 

Impressed already? Start advertising with Google and sign up for our reliable white label AdWords management services.

What are the different types of Google Ads campaign? ​

During the white label google ads setup process, you can choose from different available campaign types that Google has to offer. You can select one based on your business goals and the actions you would like customers to take on your ads. The primary Google Ads campaign types include:

Search Ads

It's Allows to show your text ads to appear on Google and Google Partners websites.

Display ads

It helps you reach your targeted audience while they’re browsing the internet for content and information

Shopping ads

It helps to promote your online as well as an offline store to generate better quality leads and boost your overall sales

video ads

Best suited for businesses looking to display their video ads on YouTube and other such platforms.

mobile app ads

Its helps to boost your app's downloads and revenue by promoting it on Google Play Store, Google Search, and other such networks.

    Our ads campaign management process ​

    Keywords Research and Analysis

    We begin the white label PPC management process with expert keyword research and analysis. This includes identifying the right keywords and phrases to bid on for your business niche. Our selection process depends on a number of factors such as keyword frequency, volume, and existing competition. We ensure that only the best ones are picked which allows both global and local targeting and helps locate the perfect customers for your client’s business.

    Campaign creation

    The next step is the white label google ads setup, which includes setting up all integral aspects of a PPC campaign. Our team works closely with you and your client to set up the Google Tag Manager, followed by conversion tracking and monitoring setup. We ensure you have a custom and handy dashboard that you can look into at any point in time, giving you all the necessary details at once.

    Ads Group Categorization

    Moving ahead with the process, our white label PPC experts look closely into the selected keywords and categorize them into optimized groups based on your client’s business, target audience, and advertising goals. We then build a reliable Google AdWords structure and set up a marketing strategy to support your goals. Once all done, we are ready to roll.

    Ads Creation

    As an end-to-end white label marketing agency, we have a dedicated team to work on your ad-related content requirements. We take all the above points into consideration to come up with the most compelling ad copy. Once it is approved by your client, we proceed with the necessary checklists such as PPC ad position optimization for time and device and create an AdWords instance.

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    As a part of our white label google ads management services, we continuously monitor and track the progress of your campaigns to analyze various aspects such as click-through rate and conversion ratio. We even provide you with weekly or monthly reports that you can share with your clients without any extra effort.

    Now that you have learned all about our white label google ads services and how it can help your clients while adding to your revenue streams, it's time to take the discussion forward.

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