Have you ever felt trapped in the Google searching jungle while finding any service?

No doubt, every service’s ads, and website look the same, and finding the trustworthiness amongst them is the most challenging task. Rightly said, consumers also face this same dilemma.

Google SERP, by recognizing all these challenges, introduces a new program Google Guaranteed that follows the review ratings, local search listing, and much other additional information to boost confidence about the particular service you opt for.

Although you have to consider all these things by yourself, it would help choose the professional service. Now, Google will help you find the most valuable service providers, including real estate firms, law, financial planning, and boost confidence in choosing the service.

The program that is going to help you is Google Screened. Here, we’ll explain to you how you can pass for the background check and how you can use Google screened badge to come in front of the audience with local service help.

So, let’s get started. But first, let us explain the Google Screened.

What is Google Screened?

Google has launched the Guaranteed program that helps to enhance the confidence in home-service providers. Those businesses that pass the company’s background check receive the “Google Guaranteed” badge to the local service ads.

Besides that, as part of the program, the elite service buyers who opted for the services through local services ads have been protected through Google Guaranteed. This kind of guarantee means that consumers could claim it to Google if any consumer weren’t satisfied with the contractor’s service.

However, to avoid this hassle, Google has launched its second screening program for the professional services providers. The Google screened program is currently a kind of test program for some experienced marketers like financial planners, immigration lawyers, and estate planners.

For this, the businesses must possess the Google star rating of 3.0 and more to become eligible for the Google screening services. Further, if the program works, Google also decided to expand its marketing and other advertising services.

So, if you’re eligible and qualify for the Google screening, then you will be available to run the local services ads and get the badge of Google screened of trust.

Who Is Eligible for This Google Screened Program?

Google Screened program is aiming ahead to help the firms who provide the professional services, and for those businesses that fall into three categories like:

  • Financial Planners
  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate Agents

To be eligible for this program, the businesses or the company must need to have:

  • The company needs to pass the business level check.
  • It also needs to pass a similar owner check.
  • Google will also conduct various checks like licenses depending on the business type.
  • Finally, if you stand out with Google rating 3 stars, you can run Google local services ads.

Local Services Ads for the Google Screened Business

Being the business vendor that falls with the professional service industry, make sure to keep in mind that you can’t run the Google local services ads without passing the steps to receive the Google screened badge.

Google’s local services ads for law firms appear at the top of the search engine page, and even on the top of the Google search ads. Both Google guaranteed and Google screened ads are similar. Still, there are some differences in how these ads look.

Google Local Services Ads for Attorneys include some professional headshots to give it a more professional touch.

How to Get Started to Run Google Screened Ads?

If you think of how to get Google Screened, follow these initial steps to run your Google screened ads by getting the Google Screened badge. So, let’s start.

Confirm the Eligibility

We need to understand. First, Google screened ad services are only for some industries in the market. To find out if you are eligible for this service, make sure to confirm your business’s location and type.

If Google hasn’t opened this service in your locality, then don’t worry! Google screened ads services will soon expand in your locality too. For eligibility, you will get complete guidance while creating the account and manage your local service ads.

Create Your Business Profile

The business account of Google screened ads is quite different from the Google My Business account that connects with your local listing on Google. Your business profile determines what kind of service is matched with the Google screened ads. Be honest while explaining what kind of services you serve to the client because you will pay for the match leads from the local services ads.

You can edit your business profile based on

  • Business hours
  • Weekly budget
  • Service area and job type

Add Your Insurance and License Details

To earn the Google screened badge and run your Google screened local ads, businesses need to submit the insurance and license proof. Also, be sure that all paperwork is up to date and provide liabilities of insurance details.

Complete Background Check with the Help of Pinkerton

Google ads programs for professionals require completion of the background check through Pinkerton. Before the Google Screened ads start sending the people into cars, homes, and offices, Google wants to be sure that these services are genuine and trustworthy.

This is essential to get the trust of the clients and pass the background checks.

Manage Your Business Leads

Once you are done with the business profile, you can launch your Google locals’ services ads and collect the leads. From Google inbox, you can manage and monitor your Google ads.

You can quickly navigate the flow of organic leads with the Leads tab with the drop-down on the top right corner from the dashboard. Additionally, you can quickly manage your local services ads and inbound leads on your iOS and Android devices.

Once upon reviewing these leads, you’ll have three eligible options like:

  • Reply to the consumers by sending them personalized messages and emails.
  • Call to the valuable consumers based upon the listed numbers.
  • Decline the job request.

Once you review the leads, you can mark your potential leads and track the upcoming jobs. You can keep this record to schedule, send, and collect the confirmation, emails, job confirmation, and many more things.

Manage Your Budget

You can manage the Google screened ads’ budget with your business profile by raising and lowering the average weekly budget. Similar to Google ads, Google Screened ads may assign the weekly budget to run the ads quickly within your budget.

So, you get charged with the leads rather than the unnecessary clicks with the Google screened services ads. But keep this in mind that your Google screened budget is slightly different from your Adwords Budget.

Google Screened Ad Ranking

Nearly three local services ads appear on the PC and two on the mobile, one via the Google assistant. Like the PPC campaign, ensure that your ad list shows that you need to have a high ad rank.

But, like the search ads, you need to monitor the quality score of the local services ads; you don’t have to worry about the ranking factor as Google will analyze and calculate itself by considering some essential factors like:

  • Consumers proximity related to the location
  • Your score of the review and number of the reviews that you receive
  • Your responsiveness tops the queries of the valuable clients.
  • Business working hours
  • Consumer complaints issues if you receive

Get Reviews

Reviews play an essential role in ranking your ads. So, Google screened ads ensure that you collect reviews from genuine and satisfied buyers. Luckily, Google makes it easier to scrape out the customers from their locality so that they can appoint your services.

To manage the reviews, tab on the Reviews of the local service ads manager. Here, you can review the task you have completed for your consumers and then ask them to leave a review on your business site for you. Moreover, you can rest assured to personalize the message to send your consumers and increase the revenues.

Bottom Line

Now, as you get to know how essential Google screened ad services for your business are, it’s time that you shift to using these and achieve the trust of the audience. Getting a Google screened badge means you’re giving the user assurance that you are the trusted partner and your services are safe to opt.

And by following these steps, you can run your Google screened ads successfully and get the leads and turn them into buyers for improving the revenues. If you are looking to learn more about how to get started, talk to our White Label Digital Marketing Professionals today, and get started with your Google Screened ads.

FAQ Section

FAQ: What is Google Screened?

Answer: Google Screened is a program introduced by Google to enhance confidence in home-service providers. It involves a background check, and businesses that pass the check receive the “Google Screened” badge for local service ads.

FAQ: Who is eligible for the Google Screened program?

Answer: The Google Screened program is currently available for financial planners, attorneys, and real estate agents. Businesses must meet certain criteria, including passing background checks, and licenses, and having a Google star rating of 3.0 or higher.

FAQ: How can businesses run Google Screened ads?

Answer: To run Google Screened ads, businesses need to confirm their eligibility, create a business profile, provide insurance and license details, complete a background check through Pinkerton, manage business leads, and set and manage their budget.

FAQ: What factors affect the ranking of Google Screened ads?

Answer: The ranking of Google Screened ads is influenced by factors such as proximity to consumers, review scores and numbers, responsiveness to client queries, business hours, and consumer complaints.

FAQ: How important are reviews for Google Screened ads?

Answer: Reviews play a crucial role in the ranking of Google Screened ads. Businesses should aim to collect genuine and positive reviews from satisfied customers to build trust and improve their ad performance.

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