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    Build a Better Website with Citation Audit and Cleanup Services

    Citation Audit and Cleanup Services

    Citations are a great way of reaching even more potential customers in the business area. Especially if your business data is accurate and up to date. When citations start indicating inaccurate or old information, the risks of losing consumer trust in your business becomes prominent. According to a survey by White Label, 80 percent of consumers lose trust in local businesses. And the reason behind is that they see incorrect contact details and business names online. A citation audit is therefore essential for any business. Businesses may be large or small, but particularly for local and multi located businesses and brands. Businesses of this scale depend on accurate name, address and phone number for potential customers to find them online and offline.

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    What is Citation Cleanup?

    Citation Cleanup services consist of a number of steps. It is a way of cleaning those citations who are poor and have a low performance ratio. This is actually done through auditing. Citation Audit and Cleanup Service can affect a business greatly in a positive manner. This is why sometimes it is referred to as business citation cleanup. There’s often a question on how do citation cleanup services work? Let’s take a look at the major steps involved in citation Cleanup services.


    Manual discovering and editing

    It is a very crucial step as manual efforts do have more promising results. Inaccurate and duplicate citations are spotted with the help of manual go through in citation cleanup. Once spotted they are replaced with the new and accurate ones.


    Extensive Analysis

    This is done on your website and it finds everything in large details. This is done to help local SEO and is involved in the process of local citation cleanup service. We can say this because it helps to find discrepancies in names, address and NAP data. Once they are found, unification is done to remove the duplicates.



    As we all know citations are meant to be present everywhere to garner a long outreach. Now this is well known to citation cleanup service providers. Hence they remove your inaccurate citations from all the business information and old directories.



    To continue with removal, the addition is done. This is an important step involving your business descriptions to be added in business directories. This is a key step in citation audit & cleanup service.



    Now when we have identified the inaccurate citations and removed them, it is time to upgrade the level. You can upgrade your citations with the help of photos, videos and impactful keywords wherever possible.


    Detailed Reports

    After the removal, addition, and upgradation of citations we can now finalize the list of proper ones. The citation cleanup and repair process helps in finalizing the list of accurate citations. Now you can send detailed reports with links to your entitled list.



    Many citation cleanup services deliver their citation audit before or at two weeks to ensure a fast paced business environment.


    Providing Support

    Even after the citation audit and cleanup is complete, the providers keep giving support. Providers like White Label SEO Lab ensure support after Listing too.


    Refreshing Company Data

    It is free of cost for one time and you may contact your provider for the same.

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