Backlinks are considered to be the most important aspect in link building. In order to keep your backlinks management clean, you must know a few tactics about backlinks management otherwise all your efforts will result in vain. But you need not to worry, because experts at White Label SEO Lab have figured it all for you. Furthermore, we are gonna discuss important techniques, tools, and some tips to manage your external links and this can also be done with the help of backlinks SEO.In the early days, it was just about the number of backlinks such as who owns and deploys more. The fact behind doing this is that if you have more links than your competitor then your page will appear first before them. But now, search engines have become smarter and intelligent since they refuse to be manipulated by digital marketers. Thus it becomes more necessary to examine the link quality of any incoming links as it will be more easy to manage links then. But what is the need to check it from time to time? Why do we need to manage our backlinks? And Can the quality of the link change depending upon various factors? Let us take a look at how we can organize them and use them in a fruitful way.

Why Do You Need To Manage Your Backlink Profile?

You need to manage backlinks profile in order to:

  • Get rid of bad links on your website.
  • Avoid any penalties from Google.
  • Avoid being removed from an index due to a broken or impaired backlink.
  • Access to a good backlink profile.

Useful Tips And Techniques For Management and Organizing of Backlinks?

1. Optimization of Link Building Campaigns: First and foremost on the list is to optimize your link building campaigns. This technique takes over every other method because it makes a good link profile. There are many types of links and if you have a good link building campaign then you do not need to stress out in removing harmful backlinks on your website. White Label SEO Lab recommends using white hat link building strategies to ensure you are getting relevant backlinks. This is the most proper way to build links and it will also minimize the risk from Google penalties. The blogger outreach services from our business employ white hat link building strategies for our outreach campaigns.

2. Check Your Spam Score: You should always check if your backlinks are spammy. You can achieve this by checking the Spam Score of a backlink for its link quality. It’s a parameter developed by our experts to check how spammy your links are based on Google web visitors. Spam Score however is also a measure of how trustworthy a website is.

To manage backlinks, one should avoid backlinks coming from any spammy or unauthorized websites. Here are some qualities that can be related with a spammy link:

  • Comes from low authority websites.
  • Sudden increase in traffic coming from countries outside your target audience.
  • If it approves low-quality guest posts for links.
  • Spam comments on blogs and articles.
  • Larger websites with just fewer links.
  • Low link diversity.

3. Claiming of Lost Backlinks: Backlinks are usually lost due to a couple of factors. It can be either because of a referring page which has become a 404 page or the possibility is that the backlink has been removed by the webmaster. As a business personnel, you should know that there won’t be any prior warning when you’re about to lose a backlink. Therefore, it becomes necessary to monitor and manage backlinks and see if your link quality is still active. If you do notice a broken link on your website then consider claiming the lost backlink. White Label SEO Lab has suggested some steps for broken link building:

  1. Check for any broken links on your website. For this, you can use the Broken Link Checker tool and it is absolutely free and then find the location of the lost link in your HTML.
  2. Inform the webmaster and notify them that there is a broken page on their website. If your link has already been replaced then you can ask and persuade them to retain your link back.
  3. After re-establishing the lost backlink it is mandatory to check the response of the referring page if it’s working.

Backlinks Management: Conclusion

Hence, we, White Label SEO Lab, have kindly mentioned the appropriate information about backlinks management and to put them into a better way to represent. This will help your website rank higher and be visualized to a larger group of targeted audiences. Kindly contact us if you need more information about the subject.

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