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Do you often miss out on quality clients simply because you lack SEO expertise? Well, this problem is faced by many digital marketing agencies across the globe. We understand that it’s not possible for you as a digital marketer to hold proficiency in every area, and some tasks are done best when left in the hands of experts.

White Label SEO Labs’s SEO reseller program has proved to be an excellent assistance for digital marketing agencies. Our services have not just helped agencies scale but have also significantly brought down their IT infrastructure costs. 

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What is SEO Reseller Program?

SEO Reseller program is a kind of outsourcing service where an outside agency manages your clients’ SEO. It is usually a form of pre-packaged service where your company and the reseller will agree upon the predefined scope of work, and the reseller will be responsible for delivering the packaged service to you. As a digital marketer, you are only left with the task of rebranding the service and reselling it to your clients under your brand name.

Why outsource your SEO to a SEO Reseller?

Outsourcing your client’s SEO to a reseller can benefit you in many ways, 

Cost Savings

SEO Resellers save you from making investments in expensive IT infrastructure. You are also protected from incurring the high cost of recruitment and training as your entire SEO is outsourced to the reseller.

Increased ROI

As a digital marketer, all you have to do is sell the services after rebranding. You can earn significantly high profits by setting high-profit margins and thus improve your ROI many folds.

Better Management

Outsourcing your SEO to a reseller takes a lot of burden off your shoulders. You being a business owner can efficiently allocate your time to other things and manage your business effectively.

Scale Faster

Setting up an entirely new IT Infrastructure is a time consuming process and can be a roadblock to your growth. Resellers will help you add SEO services to your service portfolio instantly and help you scale rapidly.

Core competencies

Instead of learning an entirely new service, it's better to improve at something you are already good at. Resellers give you the spare time which you can utilize on improving your core competencies.

Expert Assistance

SEO resellers have years of experience and are experts in their domain. They are proficient in handling complex tasks and can resolve any queries that are thrown by your clients.

SEO Reseller Packages

Our SEO reseller services include,

Local SEO Reseller services

The majority of customers use search engines to look out for places and other utility stores nearby. We at White Label SEO Lab can help your clients optimize their local SEO and connect them to their audiences. Our team accomplishes this task by adopting techniques such as citation building, quality link building, crafting content that induces customers to buy and building a strong local reputation. Our game plan is to bank upon these rank building activities and assist your clients in getting higher visibility on Google.

Web Development Reseller Services

Websites are the first point of interaction between your client and their customers. We ensure that the sites have robust functionality and attractive interfaces that induce customers to buy. We use agile methodology for web development and give our best to make the website up and running in minimal time. Our outsourced web design and development solutions provide you with 50+ mockups, professionally designed creatives, and ensure that you are at full control of your project right from the design to the execution phase.

Mobile SEO

Do you know what the most challenging part of designing a multi-platform website is? It's the consistency! The website design has to be consistent and must not affect usability and branding. If the site is mobile-friendly, but the entire content that is present on the website fails to load on the mobile version, the website rankings may suffer. White Label SEO Lab's responsive web design solution slices your design element into blocks that can be easily rearranged on different platforms. This helps your clients in having a consistent design that works well on every kind of device.

Youtube SEO

Youtube is not just a social media platform, but it is also the second most prominent search engine. It is an excellent platform through which businesses can target customers using engaging video marketing campaigns. What's best is not yet used widely by companies, and thus it gives an excellent opportunity to take the first-mover advantage. At White Label SEO Lab, our SEO experts can help your clients rank up higher on Youtube SERPs by optimizing your video title, finding video keywords, optimizing tags, and encouraging people to subscribe and comment.

Online Reputation Management

Google puts a lot of emphasis on online reviews in determining the website's ranking. That's the reason why asking your clients to leave positive feedback on Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LInkedIn becomes quite essential. While you might have persuasive content, and an engaging website, a handful of negative reviews on Google can distort your marketing efforts. We at White Label SEO Lab can help you monitor your client's online reputation and reduce the impact of negative reviews through our time tested techniques.

Link Building

Link Building is a crucial ranking matric that helps you get quality backlinks from reputed websites. Search engines like Google use these links to crawl the web. They will extract the content present in those pages and add them to their indexes. Google will use this information to decide whether the page should get ranked for the relevant keywords. Our SEO experts can help your clients acquire links from reputed sources and rank them higher on the search engines.

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    What Do You Get from Our SEO Reseller Program?

    SEO Audit Report Under Your Logo

    Before proceeding with your client's SEO, we conduct an SEO audit on our end and provide you with details on the website's current performance. In it, different aspects like content, page speed, current keyword optimization strategies, and metadata are analyzed. This reporting is done for your brand name, and all you have to do is forward them to your clients.

    SEO Proposal Without Any Cost

    Depending on the conclusions arrived at by our team in the previous stage, we craft a detailed SEO proposal that includes recommendations for the future. Do you know what the best part is? We do not charge you a penny for such a proposal.

    Periodic SEO Reports

    We follow weekly and monthly reporting cycles. These reports give your clients detailed insights on their website's performance on the search engines and the effectiveness of our SEO campaign.


    We believe that trust is the basis of all business partnerships. Our white label SEO reseller partnerships abide by the non-disclosure clause and keep all the reports and the analysis of your clients confidential.

    Dedicated Support

    Our SEO reseller partnerships offer real-time support. Whether you want any update or simply want some queries to be resolved, we are there. We want your clients to be entirely satisfied with our services as we understand that it's your brand name that's at stake.

    Why Us

    Complete SEO Outsourcing

    Whether you want a reseller program where you are looking to outsource SEO of your clients or there are services that you want to be done as a channel partner, we are there. Our pre-packaged lets you know the scope of the work in the initial stage itself and makes you aware of the services that we are going to make available to you.

    No Hidden Costs

    Our reseller services are transparent and do not involve any hidden costs in the later stages. As the scope is determined initially, you already know the estimated quotes. With us, you can be rest assured that all the services in the scope will be delivered at a pre-agreed price.

    Timely Delivery

    We understand the importance of time in the current competitive environment. We intimate you on the expected time it will take to accomplish the task on a prior basis and ensure that we adhere to our word.

    Client Satisfaction

    Our team invests significant time and effort in finding out the dynamic search algorithms and design result-oriented SEO campaigns. Our SEO reseller partnerships ensure that the SEO campaigns of your clients achieve the results they desire.

    Competitive Pricing

    White Label SEO Lab's quality services do not come along with a hefty price tag. Our competitive pricing gives you enough opportunity to earn high-profit margins from reselling our SEO services to your clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our SEO integration program facilitates a transition where we can service the package according to your requirements. We aim to simplify the terms in partnership because we believe that the interaction between you and your client must smoothly occur.

    Google has made its guidelines and prohibits any form of guarantees concerning rankings. However, we assure you of the guaranteed level of service that you will be receiving from our team. Every task is carried out transparently, and you have the complete visibility of our progress through our white label dashboard. 

    Yes, surely, you can freely talk to our project manager. Even we recommend you do so! We can help you with pitching and give you useful insights before you proceed. If you are unclear about your clients' needs or if a client asks for some special requirements, we can assist you with the next step.

    Not at all! All you have to do is sign up for free, and you will get instant access to the dashboard. You can start customizing it right away and use features like mockup builder, proposal creator, brandable resources, and free site audit tools. You will also find all the details on our pricing and different packages.

    Our SEO reseller services include everything right from presale research to retention modules. White Label SEO Lab covers online marketing strategies that include organic SEO, local search optimization, PPC management, social media, web design, and web development.

    We have catered to clients from different industries over the past few years. We have been serving small scale businesses to mid-size and full-grown corporates, dealing in different domains such as real-estate, eCommerce businesses, medical professionals, lawyers, and technology firms.

    Yes, we have successfully accomplished multiple projects in the past and we will continue doing the same in future as well. We allocate a dedicated project manager to each of your clients. This establishes a single point of contact between you and your clients where every query can be resolved in a hassle-free manner.

    The process of setting up is quite simple and usually takes less than a day. Reseller services do not require a lot of work from your end, and you can sometimes start selling our white label SEO in a matter of hours. 

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