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    Backlinks are thought to be one of the foremost key and effective ways for SEO ranking factors. Quality and variety play a big role once when it comes to building backlinks with the Google My Business profile. The easiest way to acquire new backlinks to your website (other than making citations) is unquestionably through Google Business Profile itself. In the process of acquiring backlinks for Google Business Profile, it may provide several options including various ways to make backlinks, each contributing to driving more traffic to your business website. Contact our white label digital marketing agency now for a free consultation!

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      How To Build Backlinks To Your Google Business Profile Listing?


      Website Backlink from Google My Business Profile:

      The primary website link attached to your GMB profile is counted as the most important link, however, you definitely might not have thought of it as a backlink, although technically, it is one. It’s the primary point of contact between your website and GMB profile and makes it positive that you’re eligible to rank in local organic search rankings.

      This can be presumably the most reliable and rewarding method because it allows you to get backlinks directly from your Google My Business profile. To execute this action, you’d wish to activate the business website on your GBP dashboard and then follow the below-mentioned steps to get a backlink from Google business profile.

      • Click edit on the top left corner.
      • Fill out all the required details, along with the desired URL that you would like to get backlinks for.
      • Confirm the changes and click on publish.

      Your backlink from Google My Business should be visible within a few minutes to your audience.



      Create Products and Services in your GBP:

      Whether you are a service based company or you have physical products to sell, you can make use of this feature by Google to promote your offerings to your targeted audience. At the same time, you can use this as an opportunity to get backlinks from Google My Business profile to your respective product and/or service pages.

      • Login to your profile and go to the Products section.
      • Click on Add product
      • Fill out all the necessary details like product/service name, images, description, etc.
      • In the ‘Link for your Button’ section, enter the URL of your desired page.
      • Hit Save

      Now every time a user looks up your business offerings, they will see your products and there are high chances they will click on the button to learn more about the same, thus bringing in more traffic to your website through backlinks from Google business profile.


      Google Business Profile Posts:

      If you are familiar with the basics of GMP profile, chances are you might have come across the Posts sections. This feature enables businesses like yours to create updates about your business directly to your Google My Business profile. You can post about a new launch, any business news, details about your recent project, ongoing sales, and much more. To your surprise, you can use this free feature to create quality backlinks in Google business profile.

      Here’s how you can create backlinks for Google My Business using posts in two ways:

      • Copy and paste the targeted URL onto the main body content of the post
      • Alternatively, you can add a CTA button to your posts with the derided links.

      While both ways can generate traffic to your website, it is suggested to go with the second way of call-to-action buttons as the buttons are more visible and attention grabbing than plain links.


      Adding Appointment URLs to your GMB:

      If you are a business that is willing to take online appointments directly from your google my business profile, then appointment URLs are for you. You can simply publish your targeted link to the Appointment URL section and it will be publicly visible to the visitors. The next time someone opts to set up an engagement or wishes to connect with you, they will use this link.

      As a pro tip, you should use general links to facilitate contact and avoid posting critical URLs like payment gateways here because it might lead to security issues, both for you and your customer.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Your Google Business Profile is a page or can also be counted as a free tool that allows you to do modifications to the way your business visualizes on Google Search and Maps. With your backlinks on Google Business Profile, you can connect with customers, keep posting important updates, enlist your brand’s products and services, accept online orders, and many more with the same.

      No, you do not need a website to register for Google My Business. But it is recommended to invest in a good website. Without a website, the web users, crawlers and the targeted audience can’t learn more about your business and you won’t be on their checklist.

      There are various easy solutions when it comes to acquiring backlinks from your Google My Business profile. This includes updating your business website URL, creating products with your links, and adding posts and updates with in-content links and CTAs.

      One of the most basic ways of creating or acquiring backlinks is by creating the best content that suits your specific niche. Your objective should be to create a great piece of content that other business owners, industry experts and consumers can use and link back to your website. This may be a daunting task and requires a lot of time with the best strategies but if you can get it right, it’s worth your effort. Other ways include creating your profiles across various business directories and listing websites, creating a Google My Business profile, getting acknowledgement backlinks, and even asking for referrals.


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