White Label PPC Management services assisting agencies scale up their business operations and boost profit margins.

White Label PPC Campaign Management ​

White label PPC is a cost-savvy and risk-mitigating strategy that offers digital marketing agencies, PPC wholesalers, and resellers an opportunity to outsource their PPC management service to a trusted third party. It’s like buying a service from an external party, associating it with your brand, and further selling it as if it were your own.

Outsourcing your client’s PPC campaign to an experienced white label PPC agency ensures strong business relationships and reduced overheads. They assist your organization in generating new business pitches, proposals, and sector reports in a hassle-free manner. White label PPC solutions make sure that the necessary quality control processes are in place and provide a vigilant perspective on the campaign they are running for you. 

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Our Campaign Management Services & Strategy​

Competitor Analysis

Creating a high-performing PPC campaign for your client is not possible without an in-depth PPC competitor analysis. Experts at White Label SEO Lab, can assist you in doing a thorough assessment of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and reveal areas that your clients can tap to create an advantage over their competitors.

Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords are of primary importance and can determine the success of the PPC campaign. Our white label PPC Management services identify the right opportunities and make the most of the client’s ad budget by determining the best keywords based on Search Volume and competition.

Ad Copy Development

No matter how many Adwords’ bells and whistles you use, if your ad copy isn’t up to the mark, the returns will only disappoint you at the end. PPC experts at White Label SEO lab are quite adept at drafting lucid ad copies that engage and convert. We are expert to create Google ads and Facebook Ads with catchy call to action texts.

Landing Page Development

Engaging layout and design of landing pages help in transforming clicks into conversions. Our White Label PPC services ensure that the landing page meets the customer expectations and in turn, result in improved quality score awarded by Google. These scores can impact your AdRank, bidding cost, and make the client eligible for certain extensions too.

Call Tracking

PPC call tracking helps businesses reach valuable leads. While using call tracking for PPC a unique number is assigned to each campaign to make the tracking easier. Our White label PPC Solutions include dynamic call tracking, platform integration, call recording, call duration, and source tracking. We help you merge your existing data with the ones generated by the phone campaigns and reward you with highly effective PPC campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

It is crucial that there is a proper tracking mechanism that monitors the success of a PPC campaign. If the tracking isn't done cautiously, you won't have the necessary data flowing into your ad accounts to make the right decisions on ad copy, keywords, and audiences. We us Google tag manager for advance conversion tracking and track the forms submission, video play, call button clicks, email clicks etc. event properly.

White-label PPC Reports

PPC reports are a way of showing your clients that the desired results have been achieved. Our White Label PPC reports give your clients detailed accounts of the results achieved and include data about the phone calls generated, store visits made, and returns that they have made on their investment. All you need to do is rebrand the reports and pass it on to your clients.

Ad Copy Split Testing

Split testing can reveal the aspects of your PPC campaign that work and the ones that need to be given a second thought. It helps you create high performing and engaging ads like never before. We can help marketing agencies in carrying out Ad Copy Split testing for their clients and improve the efficiency of their PPC campaign.

Bid Optimizations

Bid optimization is a critical part of optimizing Google Ads account and demands significant time and attention. We follow a stepwise procedure and apply different bid optimization strategies like bid stacking, spreadsheets, automated bidding rules, and use third-party tools like Wordstream to optimize bids for your clients.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords prevent your ad from being triggered by a certain phrase or a word. These keywords result in a negative match and aren't shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase. Our white label PPC solutions can brainstorm and uncover keywords that haven’t been used by the searchers. We can help your clients add them to their google ads campaign and timely reassess your PPC strategy.

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    Why Choose Us For White Label PPC Management?

    Trusted Partners

    We are your trusted partners who are adept at building and managing your search and remarketing campaigns. Our complete suite of PPC management services allows you to manage clients in a hands-on manner while providing them with the desired results. There are no minimum set of services that we expect you to outsource to us as we cater to the most elementary processes like doing keyword research and delivering an ad copy. Irrespective of the size and scope, we deliver you custom made solutions suiting both your organization and your clients. ​

    Scale Up Operations

    Scaling up operations so as to include PPC management can turn out to be a tedious task especially when the business operations are already quite diversified. Over time as the business expands, you will have a growing client base that will demand recruitment and training of new staff. This can prove to be a time consuming and costly affair for your organization. Availability of our white label PPC management services will help you provide your clients with effective PPC management, and free up the time to focus on the expansion of your business.

    Certified PPC Experts Team

    Our talented pool of professionals are certified google partners having command on Google Ads and Bing Ads. By continual industry-leading training and devoting countless hours in self-development, we have ensured that our white label PPC management services leave no doubts in the minds of your clients. Our team is fully aware of the probability of accomplishments and the timeframes that need to be adhered. This helps us honor clients by keeping the brand promise of providing trusted service and thus retaining them for a longer period.

    Affordable Pricing

    White Label SEO Lab offers unbeatable and customized white label PPC reseller packages that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Our complete suite of managing search, display, and remarketing campaigns include everything right from account creation and initial build-out to ongoing management and performance optimization. Avail our affordable white label PPC packages and be rest assured to generate new business pitches, proposals, and sector reports in a timely manner.

      Who Can Profit From Our White Label PPC Service? ​

      Frequently Asked Questions

      “White Label” is a generic term that means outsourcing a product or a service to a third party. So, when an external agency offers PPC services to the clients of another agency under the later one’s brand name, the services of such an external agency is what is called as white label PPC campaign management. Companies usually avail White Label services either to reduce the workload of the management or to generate cost savings by outsourcing a part of their operations.

      We are flexible with our approach and offer to work on both client facing and agency facing models. In the former approach, we act as a division as your company and communicate directly with your clients by referring to your brand name. All the email conversations are made with your company’s domain. 

      On the other hand in the agency facing model we work as a backend team and leave the entire communication part to you. Our professionals will silently run the White Label PPC campaigns from the background and produce white label reports under your brand name.

      No, we don’t. We work with a significantly large team of experts holding expertise in working with platforms including but not limited to Google, Yahoo/Bing, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook. So the question of outsourcing does not even arise. We have the talent matching for every client requirement and all we need is to allocate the right personnel based on their skill set and knowledge.

      We work in a transparent manner and will grant you access to our while label dashboard anytime you want. It will give you the panorama view of the targeted keyword summary and analysis of backlinks. In case you have multiple campaigns running for multiple clients you can still manage them from the same dashboard. The ownership of the entire PPC belongs to you and we are only your savior in the times of need.

      We bill you at a flat rate. As our billing cycle is on time for campaign builds and monthly billing for the management, you can easily quote and predict profits for any client account at any point of time. You are always free to reach out to us prior to giving a quote to your client and we will be happy to assist you with the detailed estimate for the PPC campaign. 

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