White label is a term that can be applied to just anything. It is a process of hiring digital marketing services or buying the products from a third-party and then reselling them as your brand. PPC refers to the Pay-Per-Click which is a powerful digital marketing tool that enables any kind of business to expand its reach, boost its brand awareness, and bring instant traffic.

Pay-per-click advertising plays a vital role in determining your business’s digital marketing success. It provides instant and measurable results to every kind of business, and that is the reason marketers love PPC management. PPC is a complex process and also, it masters the tricks to trade which are not easy. A White label PPC may not be for everyone out there. But it usually delivers great benefits that you need to achieve heights of success.

There are 2 types of white label services:

B2B WHITE LABEL: The services that are provided by white-label service providers to a digital agency to re-sell that service to their end-user.

B2C WHITE LABEL: The services that are resold by a company just to sell to the end-user.

Should You Outsource PPC Services?

While white-label PPC services have it’s own benefits, there are certain things that you should always consider before outsourcing. When you outsource your PPC accounts, always remember to not provide PPC ads as a part of your service. Also, if you are equipped with a well- managed, and skilled team for PPC, there is no need for outsourcing or if your agency is somewhat incapable of serving your clients with utmost value then definitely, outsourcing is the best option for you. The major difference that outsourcing makes is the cost difference and saved efforts.

Managing PPC accounts is not everyone’s cup of tea!! In today’s era, right from the large industries to small ones, they depend upon outsourcing white label PPC services. Now, there might be a question in your mind, “ why not do yourselves, when you have enough knowledge”. Thus, here is a list of reasons that you should consider:

  • Hiring process

Finding PPC experts and hiring them to hire them at their prices, and every company will not be able to manage this. When it comes to hiring an in-housing team to do PPC they will cost you so much more than outsourcing and in outsourcing, the hiring process will also not be a part of your job.

  • Management

If you have an in-housing team you have to manage them and outsourcing your part is only to take care of your client. There are a lot of businesses that will afford to maintain in-house PPC management with experts. But if you hire an in-house team then you will have to pay their overhead expenses along with the salaries and the initial setup you have to do for them will cost you others, and when you will outsource a PPC management to a PPC agency you will certainly have to pay them an amount you both hate decided. When you calculate all the costs of an in-house team and outsourcing team then you will certainly find outsourcing is a better option.

  • Better Result with Trained Team

Recruiting and hiring trained employees or training them is the highest cost that companies have to do. And the amount of managing these In- house teams increases per year. Outsourcing PPC services responsibilities to a trusted company reflects that you can have all the benefits of an expert marketer on your team at a fixed cost or a fraction of cost. This also means that you will see better results even in a fraction of time with focusing on the company instead of draining resources on recruiting and training and managing a team of marketers.

  • Competition

It is the factor that everyone faces whether it’s a small or big industry and trying to manage your PPC with the inexperienced staff will lead to a waste of time, money, and even many opportunities. And if your business or company is working sound then too for improvement of your performance and for reducing cost by opting to outsource your PPC service which needs a professional PPC management staff or company that can offer better results and great customer services. It is important to outsource your PPC services and activities by taking meaningful decisions and intelligently and more smartly. Every business is moving with the pace of light and you waste your time fixing problems and other activities. Instead, a white label PPC service can help you to be one step ahead of your competition.

  • Flexibility

You can have a team that can anticipate trends in your industry and accordingly reacts to them that to reach the competitor’s level. This should be managed by an expert team which is specialized in optimizing campaigns for maximum results. While outsourcing to a white label PPC Management Company, and then they perform the grunt work for you and you have the ultimate profits. If you have fewer clients in the books, you can limit white label services, and also reduce the costs accordingly which clearly states that outsourcing white label PPC company, and working with them is more flexible than anything else.

  • Expertise

Choosing the best white label PPC partner is also important to ensure that you make the best value, happy clients, more sales, and better results. Experience always matters especially when you have to trust a white label Company for your clients. The company must have experts in the field of PPC management, and also experience working with the type of clients you handle and serve. To deliver the best and desired outcomes to the clients, the white label PPC company various methodologies and tools to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency to achieve the best results and for the growth of the business as well.

  • Reduced Cost and Expenses

White label PPC is not for everyone, but they represent agency owners as an alternative. Working with the white label PPC agencies, your overhead, and other expenses are reduced, your costs become relative to your revenue and also you don’t have to deal with the headache of the allocation of resources on every holiday or being on a leave. And most important you deliver the best results to your clients because you are working with experienced specialists. By this, your overhead costs are reduced and by providing better PPC results to the clients. Hiring a white label PPC service ensures cost-saving and more value than recruiting and managing an in-house PPC team. THE full-time PPC team includes costs such as health insurance, compensation, and many other expenses that too irrespective of how many projects have in their hands. On the other hand; with the white label PPC agency, you scale up your business and costs rise as you get more clients.

Which is the Best Agency for Outsourcing White Label PPC Services?

Choosing the right agency for outsourcing services is as important as any other thing. You should consider the perspective of your clients while choosing the White Label Digital Marketing Agency for outsourcing PPC services. There are several crucial factors that you should consider before hiring any agency for outsourcing White Label PPC services, such as:

  • Years of Experience

The first reason you are hiring an agency to outsource PPC is the lack of PPC experts in your company, and if you aren’t able to find professionals and expertise in the outsourcing agency then it is of no worth. The agency or firm must have at least 4-5 years of proven experience in the field. Their experience should involve working with several clients of the same type that you serve.

  • Credibility

Before jumping on any decision, you should check their credentials. There are several questions that you should consider asking the firm, such as:

  • Training of their employees
  • Proven Results of past performance
  • Certification with Google Partners
  • Google Partner Badge- Red, Blue, or Google Premium Partner
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Portfolio

Other than this, you should ask them to throw a pitch and a strategic plan for your clients or ask for a free trial to understand whether the agency is right for your type of clients or not.

  • Communication Model

It is prominent to understand first the type of communication model they use, to avoid any confusion and maintain a healthy relationship with their clients. Also, what schedule they follow daily and will they be available around the clock to solve your queries. Most trouble starts when the communication isn’t right and you don’t want to miss your deadline, thus it is important to understand whether the system is reliable or not.

  • Tools and Strategies Used

To understand the quality of their work, it’s necessary to pay attention to the tools and methods they are using to generate the desired output. Thus, you need to ask them, the effectiveness of the tools used and how they will help to achieve our goals. Also, keep the strategies and methodologies in your mind and evaluate every method before applying it. Remember that, it’s your concern to analyze the strategies, the agency is just there to perform the given task.

  • Compare Different Firms

Always check out 2-3 agencies or firms before deciding on anyone. It’s important to analyze every aspect and other alternatives that are available to you. When you compare firms, consider the pricing model and services provided too. This will get you better exposure to how effective outsourcing PPC services are and you will get an advantage over competitors.

  • Pricing Models

Several firms are providing white label PPC services that you can outsource, but every firm has its pricing model that also varies the quality and quantity of services. Therefore, one should always consider price competitiveness and make wise decisions. Different white label PPC companies have different pricing plans accordingly which include fixed monthly fee, hourly fee, and hybrid pricing which are as follows:

  • Monthly Basis

This method is most common and generally used by almost every agency, but it’s fixed and simple. There is rarely any rise in the charges. If you are dealing with the best agency, you will be given a fixed monthly charge as an available option. There is a fixed charge added to your total advertising costs. This is the most found model in all. most every firm. For example: if the total ad costs are $7000, either a fixed pay like $1500 or 20% of ad costs will be charged.

  • Hourly Charges

Some projects require special attention and thus are offered with hourly charges. The firm will go charge at a fixed rate for every hour. Now the benefit to this price model is the total cost will always depend upon the hour’s agency has worked on the specific project. For example; the rate is $20 per hr and the agency has worked for 200 hours, your total charge will be $4000 and no additional cost is involved. This model is not majorly used while it depends upon the firm.

  • Mixed Pricing

The other payment option is the hybrid pricing model, i.e. a percentage of ad spend along with a fixed charge. Some of the White Label agencies prefer this model as most projects are different and need hourly tracking too. Also, if you choose to get more than just PPC services, you can choose this pricing model for a convenient and simple solution. For most of the companies who outsource their PPC services, this pricing model has been proven most cost-effective and efficient.


While White Label PPC has several benefits to consider, it’s not suitable for every type of company. Thus, with the above guide, you can be sure of the decision you make by understanding all the aspects of white label services whether it is white label SEO or PPC. Every company has its own needs, and if outsourcing from a reliable agency can help you with fulfilling your requirements, then you should consider outsourcing White Label services before thinking twice. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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