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    White Label SEO Audit

    What is White Label SEO Audit?

    Have you always wondered why your competitors with lower authority and poor UX have better rankings on the search engines?

    An SEO audit is an excellent way to identify reasons behind such outcomes.

    With the growing complexity of search engine algorithms and an ever-evolving marketplace, slackers in the digital marketing space don’t stand a chance! It’s vital that your agency’s approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is responsive, agile, and is backed by an in-depth understanding of your client’s present position in the search engines.

    At White Label SEO Lab, our SEO audit experts invest an enormous amount of time in carrying out technical assessments and SEO audits. By following a holistic approach and scrutinizing every contributing factor at a granular level, we ensure that our White Label SEO audits reward your clients with useful insights on their website’s performance.

    Whether you are looking for a long term SEO monitoring solution, or a one-time analysis and checklist, our white label digital marketing experts are there to assist you with the most advanced SEO audit tools and craft a winning SEO strategy for your clients.

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      SEO Audit Process

      “Step-oriented approach leading you towards a robust SEO strategy.”


      Discover a goal

      Goals determine the purpose that a business aims to achieve through SEO. By associating each objective with a particular metric, we help agencies track campaign progress and set key performance indicators (KPIs).

      Seo audit

      While keyword research aims at discovering keyword opportunities, improving on-page optimizations, and aligning website content with business goals, SEO audit is like regular maintenance of a website.


      Lastly, we prioritize the order in which significant findings need to be dealt with. It is done by providing an impact analysis of each obstacle on the organic results and determining the efforts that will be required to deal with the same.

      Technical assessment

      Our technical assessments include a review of site structure, website design, link popularity, search engine exposure, link profile analysis, review of local citations, content optimization, etc.

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        There can be several reasons that may necessitate an SEO audit of your website

        Reasons Our Website May Need An SEO Audit


        It’s Your First Time

        In the initial months post website launch, it’s vital that you as a digital marketer take the best possible measures to optimize your’s and your client’s website on Google. Hiring SEO audit experts can help you achieve this goal by giving you a detailed website audit checklist, conduct a detailed audit, generate quality leads, and establish authority on the search engines.


        Website Traffic Is at Its Lowest

        Is there a sudden fall in website traffic in spite of using the relevant keywords and optimization techniques? Factors such as using unethical SEO practices like black hat techniques, using outdated content, or a change in search engine algorithm can adversely affect your client’s website traffic. An SEO audit can help you identify the cause behind the poor performance and take relevant measures to rectify the same.


        Penalized by Google Algorithm

        The release of the RankBrain algorithm by Google caused a significant drop in rankings of many websites. Websites that relied solely on keywords to improve their google ranking suffered the blow by its release. Just like Rankbrain, Google releases several updates on a regular basis. This makes it important for digital marketers to have an experienced white label SEO agency that incorporates all the changes mandated by such updates on a regular basis.


        On-Page SEO Is Off-track

        Design and structure of the home page and other pages on the website play a significant role in enhancing the user experience. It’s crucial that your client’s web page consists of engaging headlines, error-proof content, proper navigation layout, rich media, videos, infographics, etc. An SEO audit can reward you with an audit checklist showing the extent of compliance with on-page SEO guidelines and put all the elements in place.


        Off-Page Is a Mess

        SEO audit can improve the results of your client’s off-page SEO strategy by giving them a detailed analysis of links pointing to the website, keywords the website is ranking for, domain authority, and several other metrics.


        Absence of Technical SEO

        Technical SEO keeps a website functional, healthy, and relevant. Certain aspects of technical SEO such as crawling and indexation, secure data transfer, structured data markup, website loading speed, monitoring and removal of duplicate content, etc. are better managed by an SEO expert. Hiring them can help you optimize your client’s website for technical SEO.


        Discover Potential Revenue Sources

        SEO audit can help your clients find websites that use the same keywords as they do. They can be the potential influencers with whom your client’s can partner. Examining citations of your client’s online business can help them discover websites with rich proven leads and bloggers that have frequently linked to their content.


        Stronger and Better Content

        By monitoring critical factors like bounce rates, page views, and the time that a visitor spends on the website, SEO audits ensure a better search engine indexing. It helps you understand the content that is being viewed and in turn create a solid content strategy to better your client’s search engine rankings.


        Monitoring Your Competitors

        Investing in an SEO audits can help you accurately monitor the SEO methods and techniques used by the competitors. By checking out on a successful competitor’s website, you can help your clients improve their website performance by implementing the strategies that their competitors are using.


        Poor Engagement and Conversions

        Factors such as complex site structure, irrelevant content, keyword deficient content, negligible CTAs, and absence of media files and adversely affect the engagement and conversions. Website SEO audits suggest ways to optimize the content and better the rankings on Google.

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        What Is Included In An SEO Audit?

        Keywords are the main source of a website’s organic traffic. This aspect of Website SEO audit maps out all your current keywords. It helps you know the search volume around your current keywords and use industry benchmarks for positional click-through rates to determine the traffic being referred to your client’s website by a single keyword.

        Keyword analysis also helps you identify potential keywords to target to increase the traffic and exposure. This can be done either by strategically repurposing the existing pages on your domain or by building entirely new pages.

        Using a variety of tools, competitive analysis studies most of your client’s immediate competitors and finds answers on how they compare to their keywords and authoritative perspective.

        Website authority is a major force behind the ranking of keywords. Competitor analysis also helps in exposing the link campaigns currently being used by the competitors. When there is a difference in rankings it helps your clients take necessary steps to eliminate the gap in their keyword rankings.

        As the term indicates, on-page audit evaluates the on-page factors of the website and their influence on the SEO ranks. On-page SEO audit includes analysis of both content and technical factors along with auditing of HTML tags for best-known practices.

        On-page SEO Audit helps you identify pages that are bringing maximum traffic to the website and find ways to improve the depth and quality of information on those pages.

        Backlinks are amongst the most important factors when it comes to search optimization. They can make a website look like a relevant source of content. The advanced tools used by our SEO experts can give you useful information about the bank link type, keyword anchors used, diversity of link types, the number of links and their relevance to your website niche, etc.

        Backlinks, though is a powerful ranking factor, can work against you if not monitored. Competitors can try to get your website blacklisted simply by adding your client’s website to the link farms. SEO audit keeps a check on such activities and helps you ward off such risks.

        Building a successful web presence is a time-consuming process. Offering high- quality content plays a critical role in converting your visitors into your customers. SEO audit helps you identify drawbacks in the existing content and give recommendations to improve and attract more visitors. Recommendations may include removing existing pages, consolidating them, or simply improving the quality of specific pages.

        Technical audit addresses every on-site detail from the SEO tags to handicap accessibility on your website. Our SEO audit experts highlight all the issues, advantages, disadvantages, opportunities without getting deeper into content, user-intent keyword targeting, or link building. A technical audit helps Google index the web page faster, frequently, and at a greater depth for your larger website. Our technical SEO audit includes analysis of Website Accessibility, indexability issues, cloaked URLs, pagination compliance, hidden SEO, Image SEO, Title tags and meta tags, local SEO.

        We provide your clients with a comprehensive hand-compiled report that includes a detailed analysis of website priority issues along with recommendations to improve them. The SEO deliverables by our experts are a combination of spreadsheets, documents, and follow up calls taking your clients through the delivered documentation. We ensure that all their questions are answered and they are satisfied with the end results.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        The time taken to complete the SEO audit directly depends on the number of pages on the website. It takes anywhere between 1 Days to 3 Days to complete an audit of a website that is between 1- 50 pages. However, a website consisting of more than 10000 pages can take 5 – 10 days or longer depending upon the scope of the project.

        The SEO audit report that we deliver is quite comprehensive. It will have recommendations on each area that has been audited. These recommendations are easy to go through for the client and are sorted based on the priority. The reports include information on patents, references, algorithms, updates, and quotes from top industry leaders thus making it both informative and educational.

        While the SEO audit tools give you recommendations based on predefined rules, a manual audit performed by professionals will give you an in-depth reporting on the SEO campaigns that are underperforming and the way they can be fixed. They help you in identifying different technical prospects such as content, navigation, XML sitemap, internal linking, mobile view, footer information, etc.

        We charge you on a per-page basis. While calculating the total number of pages to determine the total cost, we include different page-types such as category pages, tag pages, individual product/service pages, blog posts, informational pages, and archive pages. Higher the number of pages, the cheaper rates we quote!

        Yes, we do! Our highly experienced team of SEO professionals and developers will help you in implementing all the changes mentioned in the SEO audit report.


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