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    “Have you always wondered why your competitors with lower authority and poor UX have better rankings on the search engines?”

    An SEO audit is an excellent way to identify reasons behind such outcomes.

    With the growing complexity of search engine algorithms and an ever-evolving marketplace, slackers in the digital marketing space don’t stand a chance! It’s vital that your agency’s approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is responsive, agile, and is backed by an in-depth understanding of your client’s present position in the search engines.

    At White Label SEO Lab, our SEO audit experts invest an enormous amount of time in carrying out technical assessments and SEO audits. By following a holistic approach and scrutinizing every contributing factor at a granular level, we ensure that our White Label SEO audits reward your clients with useful insights on their website’s performance.

    Whether you are looking for a long term SEO monitoring solution, or a one-time analysis and checklist, our white label digital marketing agency’s experts are there to assist you with the most advanced SEO audit tools and craft a winning SEO strategy for your clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The time taken to complete the SEO audit directly depends on the number of pages on the website. It takes anywhere between 1 Days to 3 Days to complete an audit of a website that is between 1- 50 pages. However, a website consisting of more than 10000 pages can take 5 – 10 days or longer depending upon the scope of the project.

    The SEO audit report that we deliver is quite comprehensive. It will have recommendations on each area that has been audited. These recommendations are easy to go through for the client and are sorted based on the priority. The reports include information on patents, references, algorithms, updates, and quotes from top industry leaders thus making it both informative and educational.

    While the SEO audit tools give you recommendations based on predefined rules, a manual audit performed by professionals will give you an in-depth reporting on the SEO campaigns that are underperforming and the way they can be fixed. They help you in identifying different technical prospects such as content, navigation, XML sitemap, internal linking, mobile view, footer information, etc.

    We charge you on a per-page basis. While calculating the total number of pages to determine the total cost, we include different page-types such as category pages, tag pages, individual product/service pages, blog posts, informational pages, and archive pages. Higher the number of pages, the cheaper rates we quote!

    Yes, we do! Our highly experienced team of SEO professionals and developers will help you in implementing all the changes mentioned in the SEO audit report.


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