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    White Label SEO for Law Firm Marketing Agency

    In the recent past, there has been a surge in law firms opting for SEO to attract their potential clients. However, lawyers have found it difficult to find the right digital partners.

    SEO in law firms differs from other industries in a way that the legal profession has imposed several restrictions that govern marketing in law firms, and breaching them can result in heavy penalties to your clients. Unless you are a digital marketer who isn’t aware of the marketing guidelines in the legal profession, lawyers won’t be willing to hand their SEO to your agency.

    We at White Label SEO Lab understand that it isn’t financially viable to place a dedicated team solely to cater to the legal profession’s SEO requirements. This is where we can prove to be excellent assistance for your agency. Our SEO professionals have relevant knowledge about the marketing strategies that are adopted in the legal profession and can help you effectively run SEO campaigns for your clients.

    Want to know more about our white label SEO services for law firms?

    What is White Label SEO?

    White label SEO is a form of subcontracting where digital marketing agencies outsource their client’s SEO to the white label service provider. It helps agencies scale their operations without incurring costs in setting up a separate IT Infrastructure.

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      White Label SEO for Law Firm Marketing Company

      White Label services have proved to be of great use for digital marketing firms catering to the legal profession. Here’s how,

      Scale Quickly

      As your agency doesn’t have to spend time and resources in recruiting and training a separate SEO team for your legal clients, scaling your operations becomes much more manageable. All you have to do is contact our executives, and we can start servicing your clients in a matter of hours.

      Brand Reputation

      Our SEO strategies do not leave any loose strings. Our efforts will help you build a brand identity where you will attract the top quality clients in the legal profession. We will ensure that whenever a law firm needs an SEO specialist, they look out for no one but you.

      Round the Clock Support

      Our executives are available for any assistance that you need from our team. Whether you want us to communicate with your client directly or want our team to assist you in resolving their queries, our round the clock support is always available for you.

      Ethical Considerations

      Keeping up with the ethical considerations of legal practice is the biggest challenge that digital marketers face. SEO professionals at White Label SEO lab are thoroughly updated on the changing regulations of the law practice and ensure that there are no violations.

      Build Trust

      Trust is a critical factor in any professional engagement. As our white label SEO services for law firms are in conformity with the legal and regulatory guidelines, it will help you build trust in your potential clients and ensure that you have a long-lasting professional relationship with them.

      Quality Service

      SEO professionals at White Label SEO Lab have spent years catering to clients in the legal profession and aware of the complexities involved. You can rest assured that our team will be carrying out result-oriented campaigns that will help your clients improve their search engine rankings.

      Your Brand And Our White Label Digital Marketing Effort

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      Over the years, our team has gained tremendous exposure in catering to their SEO needs, and we have identified several law firm strategies that are known to work.

      Law Firm Marketing Strategies That are Known To Work


      Keywords are the Key!

      Picking up the right keywords is similar to picking up the right fruits into the basket. When targeted explicitly, keywords reward businesses with higher rankings on the search engines.

      Some essential points that must keep in mind before picking the right keywords are,

      • Choosing the target audience (say, family lawyers, or criminal lawyers.)
      • Tracking the keyword search volume.
      • Using keywords that engage and induce prospective clients to take action.
      • Finding out the competition in particular, as it would be a much more challenging task to rank a keyword that’s highly competitive.

      Current Performance

      It’s crucial to analyze the website’s current performance and see how it’s doing in comparison to the competitors. Here are some of the factors that may affect your client’s website performance.

      • Loading time of web pages on the website
      • Security of the website (HTTP vs HTTPS).
      • Word count of the content on the web pages.
      • Content quality.
      • Quality of backlinks.

      Optimizing Existing Web Pages for Search Engines

      Optimizing web pages involve,

      • Ensuring that title tags and meta descriptions are not void of keywords.
      • Ensuring that each page addresses the subject.
      • Use of heading tags to give search engines clues about the structure and topic of the webpage.
      • Ensuring that the keyphrases and their variations are used in the entire web page.

      Craft SEO Friendly Content

      Having an informative and SEO friendly piece of content can make a significant impact in improving the website performance. It doesn’t always have to be fancy but engaging enough to reduce the bounce rate. As clients prefer going through the website before arriving at their decision, sharing expertise and knowledge through blogs can help law firms build trust among their potential clients. Also, including infographics that say about the services that your client offers can give a significant boost to traffic on the law firm website.


      Quality Backlinks

      Google gives a lot of emphasis on the backlinks and are like a vote of confidence. It isn’t just a passive SEO strategy, and hence it’s vital to keep a vigilant eye on the sources and keep striving to acquire more. The higher the number of links the website gets from quality sources, the more authoritative it is in search engines’ eyes. Writing journal articles, reaching out to journalists and bloggers, creating engaging infographics, and promoting social media content are some handy ways by which one can acquire quality backlinks.

      We at White label SEO lab can help you craft result-oriented SEO strategies for your legal clients and help you improve their website performance.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      White label services not only save you from incurring infrastructure cost, but they also save your precious time that you can utilize in expanding other areas of your business. As you have outsourced your SEO infrastructure to an external party, all you are left to do is resell the services to your clients. This will help you scale faster and help you focus on your core competencies at the same time.

      Our service portfolio includes a white label website audit, on-page website optimization, white label link building & outreach, leads & ranking tracking, and Google account setup. Whether you’re an individual working as a freelancer, an agency owner, or run a large organization, our white label services are designed to meet all kinds of requirements.

      The decision is yours. Whether you want us to communicate with your clients directly or want us to represent your team and talk to them on your behalf, we are up for the task. One thing for sure is that our services’ quality will never get affected, and we will ensure that we excel your client expectations on every front.

      We understand that several laws and regulations govern the legal profession. We are also aware of the risks of non-compliance, as it can result in significant penalties to your clients. At White Label SEO Lab, we take utmost care, and our SEO professionals are always updated with the changing laws in the legal profession by a dedicated legal expert on a regular basis.

      No! There aren’t any such requirements that need to be fulfilled to opt for our SEO reseller services. Whether you are working as a digital agency or willing to start the service horizon afresh under your brand name, our Law Firm White Label SEO optimization services can prove to be quite handy.

      Yes, we do! Confidentiality is something we abide entirely. We won’t share any information about your clients, and they are strictly used for imparting our service. We believe in lasting business partnerships, and hence we ensure that your brand never gets adversely affected by our activities.


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