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    “Our white label healthcare marketing help digital marketers boost their monthly revenue”

    White Label SEO for Health Care

    If you are looking to expand your service offerings to include SEO for healthcare, our White Label digital marketing agency can help you achieve your goal. SEO experts at White Label SEO Lab carry an industry-wide exposure and can give your agency additional MMR at a significantly low investment.

    How Does SEO In Healthcare Works?

    Search engines like Google are continually crawling the web for new and updated content. When a patient searches a term say, cardiologist, it takes stock of what it’s found and ranks the pages accordingly. While generic searches may bring up millions of results, the more specific ones may generate a comparatively lesser number of results.

    The websites appearing on these search results are ranked taking into account several factors like the words and phrases used in the tags, the substance of the content, and its relevancy to the search term. Websites also have a certain “domain authority” that represents its reputation. The higher the domain authority, the better it ranks on Google. However, a successful SEO strategy is one that makes the website appear on the top three searches of the search results.

    We at White Label SEO Lab have done in-depth research in finding the relevant search terms and the strategies that can help your client’s website appear higher on Google. If you are looking to jumpstart with an SEO reseller program, we can assign dedicated project managers to make this process even easier and keep you updated on a regular basis. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As patients these days search the internet to find the right medical professional for their case; your clients must appear on top of the search results. SEO is an organic way to increase visibility on search engines, and if carried out well, your client’s website can witness rapid growth through this channel. And, More visibility = more traffic = more patients = more potential revenue.

    As you must be aware that search engines no more consider keywords as the only factor in determining the website ranking (which it earlier used to in initial phases). The increasing complexity of search engine algorithms and a greater focus on content relevancy has made SEO more useful but a time taking process. With our dedicated professionals on board, you can expect to see results in the next 4-6 months.

    Our SEO team conducts thorough research and runs tests and beta programs on a regular basis. It gives us an understanding of how different tactics will respond to the particular update and this helps us to find the strategies that will give your clients the most optimum results.

    We have dedicated account managers who are assigned to the projects as per their expertise. After understanding the needs and requirements of your clients, they delegate the job to the team and stay in constant touch with you. Account managers also keep you in the loop in the entire SEO campaign. You can witness the campaign progress through our dashboard and ask us for clarification on any point that you desire.

    Our quotations vary from project to project. We price our service based on the nature of the site, number of pages, time, link acquisition, your site’s current technical state, geography, current rankings, and your client’s requirements. However, we have competitive pricing for all our services. Besides this, we have various standard packages that can be customized as per your needs and budget.


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