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Location pages can be a critical aspect to add in a local SEO strategy. It will help both search engines and consumers find products and services for businesses nearby them.

Over the years, the number of Google searches with local intent has increased and small businesses with a well-written location page have been able to reach prospects who have a high probability of visiting their business or hiring them for their services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, roofer, plumber or a business owner of a restaurant, having a location page on your business website can be essentially beneficial.

If you are not based at a particular premise, then instead of having a business location that consumers can visit, you would go for service pages rather than creating a location page. And so, location pages for SEO matters and for every kind of business, you will want both location pages and service area pages. Today, White Label SEO Lab would be focusing solely on the relation between location pages and SEO.

City Pages Local SEO

Multi-Location Businesses and Location Pages

If your business has multiple locations across different cities then it becomes important to direct Google with clear information about this subject. Also, you would need to create new city pages for SEO in each location. However, you would have a Google Business Profile for each location since it is the first step towards local listing of any business and the website link on the Google business page would link to the respective location page. When you create and optimize your business with Google Business Profile, make sure that you follow Google’s best SEO practices for each location.

Following the best SEO practices for each location page SEO means ensuring the content is not duplicated and it is authorized. Nowadays, Google does not penalize a website for creating duplicate content and when duplicate content exists, Google will not display all the pages in the top of search engine results pages. But in this case, Google displays the page with the most authority. By increasing the authority and relevancy of each location page or city pages, SEO will be boosted automatically and  you can gain both a prominent local and map listing.

Importance of Location Pages

Location pages are designed to provide the most important information that your prospects need about a business. Most of the time the consumers are searching for a service either near their current location or somewhere they are planning to visit. The fact is that most consumers shop near their home or work place. SO it becomes highly important to serve your audience what they are looking for.

  • Location pages provide information specific to a particular city, place, or location and it helps a consumer decide whether or not to visit the business place. The most critical information is the business NAP also listed as name, address and phone number in addition with days and hours of operation. Your consumers want this information to make a quick decision to demonstrate whether a business meets their needs and requirements at the moment or not.
  • Location pages work in close conjunction with the Google Business Profile to improve local visibility for a business. It is also counted as the strategy for optimizing location pages.

When a Google Business Profile or GBP is linked to a location page on the business website then it helps Google validate that the business is authentic and it is located where the business claims it is and that it offers the products and services that are listed on the Google Business Profile. This allows Google to show the most relevant businesses that a crawler may be searching for. There are many other important factors that influence the businesses that appear but needless to say that it all starts with the location page.

What Should You Include On a Location Page?

  1. NAP, Maps and Your Modus Operandi:

It is already mentioned above to make sure that the business name, address and phone number details are included. Also, it is required to maintain a consistent format for this NAP data across all business listings. Opening hours of your business will also need to be included along with an incorporated Google map.

If you can incorporate the business Google Business Profile then it will be even more better. This is because the consumer can click and go directly to your business via your Google Business Profile. You must also make sure that local business operation is applied to the location page.

  1. Service Areas:

The location page should also include nearby cities other than just the location services. This parameter is important to include and it is mandatory even for businesses whose customers arrive at the location. And as you build out service area pages for your business that are different from a location page or service page then you can link to the service area pages from the location pages.

  1. Primary Products and Services:

A common problem that many location pages face is a lack of information about the business’s particular products and services. Potential prospects, who are categorized according to a business, too want to know more than just the business’s location. Therefore, including an overview of products and services of your business can help the consumer make a decision to visit the business location or simply contact the business.

  1. Call to Action:

The location page should also include a contact form that a consumer may complete. This form can be a request for a free signup, to ask a question, or get a free consultation from the business. The call-to-action or CTA used on the page is determined based on the kind of business it is.

  1. Optimize for Search and the Potential Prospects:

The location page should also include internal links to the primary products and services that the business has to offer. By doing this, you are taking prospects on a whole new journey throughout the website. It is also important to keep in mind that how the content is written for a location page, the page title and title tags are also quite important for local SEO strategy.

Key Takeaway of Location Pages SEO

If you need help with local SEO or any White Label SEO strategy for location pages and your Google Business Profile, then White Label SEO Lab can help. With a results-driven approach, we make sure your business improves local visibility that in turn means you’ll get more new customers and growth. For assistance, call or contact us and request for your SEO audit now.

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