It doesn’t take a genius to know that buttons work better than hyperlinks. Many of us wonder what is a call to action? and what are the types of call to actions? Experts at White Label SEO Lab found that call to action buttons had an increased click-through rate of more than 30% and it is in comparison with link-based call-to-actions.

Our researchers also found that calls to actions buttons lead to a 50% boost in clicks on a website. There is a reason for this and that is, buttons are basically more efficient than hyperlinks and can be more intuitive with shadows, gradients, colors and other special effects and this is done so that these features can stand out on a webpage. While you can add colors to hyperlinks, it is impossible to make them as noticeable as a button.

When a page has plenty of space and the CTA button is kept away from other elements then it works to draw a user’s attention. On the contrary, hyperlink isn’t able to achieve the same effect.

How to Improve Your Calls to Action on your web page?

Many businesses have landing pages and emails with different kinds of call to action examples. But how you can create an effective CTA, that will draw clicks and conversions is explained here as the tips for a killer call-to-action by White Label SEO Lab.

  • Be Logical: You might think of putting lots of buttons on your various offerings but think twice before doing it again. It is thus better to have fewer buttons and focus on your main lead magnets. This will also help you improve your call to actions. The fewer CTAs for conversion improvement that you have, the more likely viewers will focus and click on your lead magnet. In fact, according to a report, it was found that emails with a single call-to-action button increased clicks by 400% and sales upto 1600%. Another tip is to make sure viewers understand exactly what they need to do next and what they will receive by clicking.
  • UX on the Website: One of the most basic design principles is to provide whitespace and avoid cluttering. A healthy piece of whitespace directs a crawler’s attention and draws them towards Call to Actions to increase conversions. The whitespace and main message should be large so that the readers actually know what they are being asked to do because there are only a few options.
  • Use Verbs and Words In First-Person: They say words have the power to change the world and the same is true when writing Call to Actions. You need to choose words carefully so that they offer a sense of urgency and momentum to your offerings. Some call-to-action example words or phrases that maximize conversion optimization tactics include Get, Visit, Now, Learn, Last, Today, Buy, Shop and Try. You can also try these call to action phrases which are liable to increase website conversions. The phrases include Add to Cart, Buy Today, Call Now, Click Here, Contact Now, Donate Today, Enroll Now, Find Out More, Get a Free Quote Today, Immediate Download, Join Now, Learn More, Register Now, Reserve Now, See it in Action, Sign-up Here, Start Now, Take the Tour, Talk to an Expert and Watch Our Tutorial. You can also make use of exclusive offers and time-restricted commands along with conversion optimization. This encourages people to act because they do not want to miss out on something that could be great. 
  • Using Time Delays For Call To Actions Popup: You might have heard some stuff about integrating popups and the fact is that it is not necessarily wrong. But the whole story is a little different from what we actually know. Google penalizes pop-ups that are considered to be uncanny and in a way scattered. This includes popups that appear after a crawler clicks the Google search engine result. But please note that it does not cover pages visited after the initial page and delayed CTA popups.

Conclusion of Call To Actions

You can now find CTAs at almost every website because they increase the chances of people clicking more or acquiring your business benefits and services. Thus, it should be catchy and appealing, at the same time remember to maintain good content so that the users can stop at our webpage and help us in acquiring more possible conversions.

By now, you would have understood how you can use CTAs to improve conversion rates. In case you have any further queries about call to actions and their role in conversion rate optimization, you can reach out to our expert consultants and we would be more than happy to help you in your endeavors.

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