SEO Reseller – The term many would have gone through yet not many would have taken the hassle to know more about.

White label reseller services involve outsourcing your client’s SEO requirements to an external agency in a pre-packaged form. The facility lets you scale your business quickly and in a budgetary manner without requiring you to invest in a new IT infrastructure. It saves you from the burden of hiring and training new employees, and yet gives you the luxury of having a team of SEO experts at your disposal.

White Label SEO resellers offer everything right from local SEO, white-label link building, local citation building, content marketing, blog content, guest post outreach, to reputation management. So in case you are looking to scale your operations quickly, SEO resellers can offer you a variety of white label services & private label SEO packages that you can easily resell to your clients.

Is There Any Difference Between a White Label SEO and SEO Reseller Program?

While white-label SEO and SEO resellers are similar in their work nature, there are some differences in the way these programs function.

Here’s how,

  • Scope of work

Unlike in private label SEO programs where you can avail on-demand services from the white label service provider, SEO resellers ask you to select a core set of services that you would like to offer to your clients. Once they have accomplished the task, you will buy the package and deliver it straight to your client. Also, unlike other white label SEO programs, SEO resellers do not offer education, training, or support outside the scope of your specific purchased plan.

  • Access to Internal Staff

In White label SEO programs, you get 24/7 access to their internal team, including account manager and project coordinator. They will communicate with your internal staff and continuously assess the client’s requirements. The availability of such access is often missing in white label SEO reseller programs.

  • Education & Support

As SEO reseller packages don’t come with a dedicated team, the support and education behind the service, deliverables, and SEO aren’t usually available. Finding a white label agency that offers you a certain level of assistance and training even in SEO reseller packages can turn out to be an excellent bet for you.

  • Pricing

Cost per campaign or charge per project is comparatively lower in SEO Reseller programs than in white label SEO. Even if it’s not so, you will find that reseller packages are quite defined and will automatically drive the price down in many cases. This way, you can reap the benefits of the reseller programs by earning a greater ROI.

  • Easy Selling

It is the best part of SEO reseller programs. Why? Well, because you know what you are selling to your clients. As the scope of work is strictly restricted to a particular project, there can rarely be variations between the end product and the client’s requirement (which can sometimes happen in other white label services).

What Must You Choose?

While there are pros and cons of both, choose the one that best fits your clients’ requirements. There are White Label agencies whose products are a combination of both. Spend time in analyzing their offerings and ensure that the partnership will yield positive results.

We at White Label SEO Lab are one such agency whose products are designed by combining the best of both worlds. Every partner in our company has a dedicated project coordinator responsible for defining the exact process, and the way deliverables must look. Our robust strategies are unique to each campaign and guaranteed to offer the desired results.


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