Best SEO Audit Tools for Website Analysis

Say you have implemented a new business process, and it goes on without being monitored. Can you verify its progress? Can you determine any loopholes in the process? Can you recommend any improvements?

You cannot. Right?

Well, that’s what happens when the SEO campaigns go unmonitored.

SEO Audit is an essential skill that must be practiced by modern-day digital marketers as it can help in determining the status of the SEO campaign. While hiring a white label SEO expert to carry out the audit function can be a great option, there are several white label SEO tools available on the web that assist you in the task. So, choosing the right white label SEO tools is an area that you must emphasize on.

Though there are several SEO audit tools that are quite useful, the best ones organize the results of the website crawl in a way that helps you understand any glaring issues and recommend corrective measures.

Let’s get to know a bit more about White Label SEO Audit.

Why SEO Audit?

In the era of cut-throat competition in the digital space, your content must stay relevant to the people who show up to your website. However, if you think that the age-old techniques like keyword stuffing, setting up multiple pages for different keyword variants, and trying multiple microsites to drive traffic will help you optimize your SEO strategies, you might have to reconsider.

In the past decade, there has been a significant change in search engines’ criteria and ranking factors. Websites that are responsive and optimized for user intent are favoured more by Google. Search engines have algorithms that crawl through your website and compare your site with the different ranking factors determining usability and relevance. Based on the results, each webpage is awarded a rank that determines how it shows up on the search engine result page (SERP) for people searching for different keywords.

The search engine algorithms that we mentioned are ever-changing, and each search engine has its own set of algorithms. As your competitors are continuously trying to better their websites by continually updating their content, you mustn’t lag by adopting outdated techniques and disrupting traffic flow to your website.

And, this is why a regular SEO audit is necessary for keeping up with search engine demand. When the audit is conducted effectively, you are not only successful in tracking your website’s health but are also getting an opportunity to implement the required changes in a proactive manner.

As said above, there are experts in the domain who are quite able in handling your client’s SEO, there are also audit tools that can assist you in the task. However, there are certain things that you must analyze before choosing the SEO audit tool.

Let’s walk through some of them.

Things to Look at Before Choosing the Right White Label SEO Audit Tool

  1. Mobile Optimization

With an increasing number of people using mobile phones and laptops for browsing, mobile optimization has become a vital part in every SEO campaign. Hence, an SEO audit tool that helps you check the mobile optimization aspects of your website can prove to be quite handy. Here are some factors that you analyze in the SEO audit tool,

  • Touch sensitivity: The audit tool must be capable of checking the tapping targets’ responsiveness on your website.
  • Compatibility: The tool must detect embedded objects like Flash or Java.
  • Site speed: The tool must check the loading speed on your mobile site, or Google will push your site lower in search engine results.

Other vital areas where a white label SEO audit tool can assist are image optimization, render-blocking Java, caching, and CSS.

  1. Technical Features

Whenever you optimize your website for search, you must ensure that it is easily crawlable on prominent search engines. The tool that you intend to use must spot a robot.txt file in the site map and must also show the number of web pages indexed by the search engines. This gives you the current performance of your SEO efforts and warns you if the SEO strategies are not giving the desired results. Ensure that your SEO audit tool isn’t void of prominent features and helps you improve your SEO campaigns.

  1. Analysis Of Keywords

As you know, the ranking of keywords directly affects the overall SEO of a website. An SEO tool that tracks the keywords and searches terms for your website must be preferred over the one that does not. However, you must be aware of the bogus tools that will detect a handful of keywords and claim to be the efficient ones. Make sure you do not select these as they will only be presenting you with an inefficient and false picture.

Your white label SEO site audit tool must track the progress over time, compare your keyword efforts with other websites, and present a daily report of your keyword performance. An efficient tool must track anywhere around 250 keywords and give you information on keyword positioning, competitor analysis, ranking list, keyword movement, and other suggestions for the keywords on your website.

  1. Site Crawling

It’s a known fact that issues with keywords, website speed, and mobile optimization can affect your website’s ranking. Hence, it becomes necessary that you choose a tool that detects the issues which cause hindrance in site crawling on Google.

  • Content Duplicacy:- Several factors result in content duplicacy. An efficient tool is one that detects and reports duplicate content on your website. Some other examples include canonical URLs or broken links that are no longer responsive.
  • HTTPS:- If your website uses HTTPS, a useful tool can detect faulty elements on your site. Secure pages under HTTPS that contain any HTTP element are a big threat to the security of the whole website.
  • Indexing:- Non-indexable Pages won’t get ranked higher on the search results. Hence, an SEO audit tool that indexes issues can be quite useful.
  1. Usability

Usability is a vital aspect of any website, and you must make sure that your site works on prominent browsers and devices across the globe. Not all tools cannot handle the audit of varied sizes. Make sure that when you choose an audit tool, you check whether it has the required functionality. A good tool can help you enhance the user experience and reward you with a clutter-free, clean, and minimalist interface for your website.

List of Best White Label SEO Audit Tool for Agencies

While there are various white label SEO tools, we have sorted out the best ones for you.


RavenTools offers a complete white label SEO solution. With RavenTools, you can conduct a full site audit and track any off-page or on-page issues. The software labels SEO issues based on their priority. The software also offers automated white label marketing reports that you can brand as your own to your clients. The marketing reports include insights on PPC, SEO, social media, web analytics, email, calls, and much more.

RavenTools also facilitates a comprehensive website audit wherein you can identify site issues and take appropriate action to rectify them. The software crawls the website and alerts if there are any page errors, visibility issues, duplicate content, missing Meta title descriptions, un-optimized images, broken links, and more. By resolving these issues, you can improve your client’s SERP ranking, enhance the user experience, increase website traffic, and drive conversions.

The RavenTools suite of services doesn’t end just here. You can use this tool to conduct competitor domain research, track keywords performance and research new ones, check SERP ranking, look for backlinks, and even monitor social media.

Despite offering a robust SEO and website auditing solutions, RavenTools is reasonably priced, making it a must-have tool for white label SEO service providers.


SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools used for a technical website audit. SEMRush offers a gamut of SEO solutions, including keyword research, backlink checker, traffic analytics, competitor research, and much more.

If you offer a professional website and white label SEO site audit services, you should have SEMRush. The software has a dedicated Site Audit tool that uncovers over 130 technical SEO issues like HTTPS errors, crawlability, backlinking, AMP problems, page load speed, Meta tags, and much more. Besides helping you analyze a website’s SEO health, the tool also offers recommendations on how to optimize the site.

SEMRush also allows webmasters and digital marketers to compare two websites and look for gaps in backlinks and keywords. You can run your client’s site alongside their competitor and search for backlinks and keywords that your competitors have, but you don’t. By analyzing these reports, you can make effective changes to your SEO strategy.

Cora SEO

Cora SEO is a website auditing tool offered by SEO Tool Lab. With Cora SEO, you can look into more than 2040 website ranking factors and work on the recommendations to optimize your site. This white label SEO analysis tool has features like creating a content report, LSI report, keyword density report, and more.

This impressive tool adapts to Google updates automatically. Meaning, it realigns its core software with the latest Google algorithm updates whenever they come. Since Cora’s software is based on arithmetic analysis of Google ranking factors, it allows one to check SERPs factors that are most important.

The software further offers two additional tools – Cora Trends and Cora Diff. While Cora Trends helps you analyze your keywords and align web pages, Cora Diff lets you assess how much change in ranking your site experienced after a Google algorithm update.


WooRank is another SEO and site auditing tool that offers comprehensive site checking solutions. The software analyzes the website and gives it scores based on overall SEO performance. You can create a SERP ranking report, keywords report, and backlinks report that you can share with your team or client.

With WooRank’s Site Crawl tool by your side, you can offer an all-inclusive technical SEO and site audit services to your clients. This easy to use tool lets one discover technical site issues that may affect the site’s SEO performance. Besides highlighting the problems, the tool also provides recommendations to allow you to fix them.

Competitive analysis is one of the key features offered by WooRank. By using this feature, you can run a comparison report between two sites. The competitive analysis comes handy in keyword research and site optimization.

WooRank also simplifies the mammoth task of keywords research and tracking. The software gives an in-depth report of the keywords where one can see the keyword rankings, including their local search positions. You can find out keywords that are not performing well and devise new strategies to optimize them.


BrightLocal is one of the best white label SEO tools for marketers & agencies who handle local businesses.

BrightLocal offers Local SEO Tools primarily for businesses that want to establish local search presence in their respective markets. This includes analysis and monitoring of online reputation and SERP ranking. If you wish to dominate the local market, BrightLocal’s Citation Builder is something that will simplify your efforts.

The Aggregator Submissions is another critical service through which you can submit your client’s business information on top online directories.

The Rank Checker tool by BrightLocal helps you assess how your client’s site is ranking on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. You can track significant ranking changes and plan strategies to address fall in ranking.

Citation plays a crucial role in enhancing any site’s local SERP ranking. However, simply submitting business information on online directories isn’t sufficient. Having a consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) across directories is essential. This requires constant monitoring of directory submissions and manual editing of inaccurate citations. BrightLocal simplifies this task by taking over a majority of processes. BrightLocal easy to use Citation Tracker lets one to track NAP issues and inconsistencies and rectify them.

You can also use BrightLocal to run a comprehensive SEO audit on your client’s website and look for issues affecting its local search ranking.

Moz SEO Audit Tool

Well, Moz is another excellent all-in-one SEO platform that you can use to conduct a comprehensive website audit and discover technical and SEO issues that are impacting your rankings. Like other all-in-one solutions, Moz offers white label SEO analysis tools that help with technical, on-page, and off-page SEO auditing.

As an SEO audit tool, Moz can be quite useful in case you are looking to audit every aspect of your website performance. Being an all-in-one audit tool, it is a great starting point for identifying issues, even if you may end up needing more specialized software to drill down and correct the most persistent technical problems.

It is one of the most potent on-page optimization tools available on the web and allows you to schedule regular crawls, track changes in issues over time and even monitor the impact of your changes on desktop vs. mobile devices.

Ahrefs Audit Tool


While it’s true that SEO is one of the best methods to help your business obtain more valuable leads, it can be challenging to manage if you don’t have the right tools. Ahrefs is an excellent SEO audit tool that helps your business to run smoothly and optimize your SEO campaign.

Ahrefs is also quite popular as a backlink checker as it has one of the largest databases of live links. It uses crawling software to recreate your site how a search engine sees it. This helps you understand your site better so that you can optimize it for search engines. Though Ahrefs forte is backlink authority checking, it is much more than that. This white label SEO optimization tool provides valuable information about backlinks and SEO. It offers SEO features like ranking monitoring and keyword tools too.

When you use Ahrefs, you’ll get a dashboard that will help you keep track of all your data. All you will need to do is, add a URL to keep tabs on your domain health. This dashboard will show you errors, new links, URL ranking, and referring domains. With the Ahrefs Site Audit tool in your hands, you don’t need to check your site consistently to ensure it’s running smoothly. This tool will analyze your website to look for common SEO problems on its own and provide you with reports that examine your site’s health to fix issues in a proactive manner.

Screaming Frog

One thing that you must be clear about Screaming Frog is that it’s not a cloud-based solution. It’s software that you have to download and install on your PC. As of now, the tool runs on MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu. If you have any other operating system, it’s unlikely that you will be able to make use of this SEO audit tool. Also, if you’re more familiar with using tools on cloud (like SEMRush, for example), you might find it a bit odd that you have to install something to check for errors on your website.

However, there is a reason why Screaming Frog is more of a software rather than a cloud-based platform. The developers of Screaming Frog never wanted to host a website that runs bots all over cyberspace. The good part is, you can install the software locally and get started for free. Though you’ll only have limited use.

Once you’ve installed Screaming Frog, you’ll use it to visit pages on your website. All you have to do is  enter the URL of your website, and the tool will start there and crawl every page it finds. At this point, you might be asking yourself: what’s the point of a bot crawling all around my website? Well, crawling helps you find problems with the website. Say, you have broken links on your site. If so, Screaming Frog will detect them. You could also have an issue where the title tag doesn’t match the H1 tag. Screaming Frog will identify that problem as well. There are numerous other issues that the tool will identify for you.

If you’ve configured your site correctly, Screaming Frog should hit all the pages. The tool will find links on your menu, header, footer, and also within your content. Then, it will follow those links. If you’ve got a website with thousands of pages, you might need to increase the amount of memory that the spider uses. Fortunately, Screaming Frog does not bother you much and lets you do that very easily.  Alternatively, you can also switch to database mode. When you do so, this white label SEO audit tool will store your crawl data on disk instead of in memory. Also, you don’t have to crawl your entire website with Screaming Frog. You can simply specify a subdomain or folder to crawl. Finally, You can also save your crawls so you can refer back to them later. In fact, it also gives you the option to save files mid-crawl and resume the crawl later on when you open the file again.

Google Analytics Audit Tool

Google Analytics audit tool automates the process of auditing Google Analytics implementations. After logging in securely, all you have to do is select a view from your account. It will automatically pull your data from Google Analytics’ official APIs and scan it for common setup errors and tracking problems. Issues reviewed include internal visit filters, goals and funnels, lowercase filters, content grouping, personal identifying information, query string exclusions, campaign tracking, channel grouping, unusually low or high bounce rates, referrer spam, event tracking, and more. All items reported include a description of how to fix the issue and a link to relevant documentation.


Copyscape offers you a free URL search and gives you results in just a few seconds. While the free version doesn’t do in-depth searches, it does a decent job finding the exact matches. If you have located two URLs or text blocks that appear similar, Copyscape has a free comparison tool that will highlight duplicate content in the text. Though you only get a limited number of searches per site with their free service, Copyscape’s Premium (paid) account allows you to have unlimited searches, deep searches, search full sites, search text excerpts, and monthly monitoring of plagiarism.

Hope the blog helps you in choosing the right white label SEO audit tool!

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FAQ Section:

Why is SEO audit important for my website?

An SEO audit helps you understand the current status of your website’s SEO campaign. It identifies issues, loopholes, and opportunities for improvement. Regular SEO audits ensure that your website stays optimized, relevant, and competitive in search engine rankings.

What should I consider when choosing a white label SEO audit tool?

When selecting a white label SEO audit tool, consider factors such as mobile optimization capabilities, technical features for site crawl ability, keyword analysis and tracking, content duplicacy detection, and usability enhancements. Ensure the tool aligns with your specific needs and offers comprehensive website analysis.

How can mobile optimization impact SEO?

Mobile optimization is crucial for SEO as more people use mobile devices for browsing. A white label SEO audit tool that checks mobile optimization aspects helps ensure responsive design, touch sensitivity, compatibility with embedded objects, and site speed optimization, which can positively impact your search engine rankings.

What role does site crawling play in SEO audit tools?

Site crawling is a crucial aspect of SEO audit tools as it helps detect issues that affect site performance and search engine crawlability. A comprehensive white label SEO audit tool should identify and report on problems such as broken links, content duplicacy, HTTPS-related issues, and non-indexable pages.

How can usability improvements benefit my website?

Usability is important for user experience and search engine rankings. A white label SEO audit tool that focuses on usability can help ensure your website works well on different devices and browsers. It should detect issues affecting usability and provide recommendations for a clutter-free, clean, and user-friendly interface.

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