SEO or search engine optimization is widely used by many business types and sectors to help boost their website growth. It is used to personalize and customize your keywords so that more organic traffic can be attracted towards your specific webpage.

Most of the Digital Marketing Agencies have been providing ample features and functionality to help you rank better among the search engine results. But there are also things that can hinder this process, or we as a business sometimes fail to create an impact with our content. This can doom our efforts in bringing traffic to our page. Therefore, it is mandatory to follow some basic guidelines during posting of content online and attaching keywords with it, these are basically the do’s and don’ts of SEO which if implemented correctly are able to change the fortune of your business.

As the competition is edging more sharply with the introduction of SEO in almost all business types, therefore it becomes more necessary to stay upright and this is why we have brought certain rules or say guidelines which can provide stability to your website and business.

White Label SEO Lab would first like to mention the steps that we can follow while benefiting our Website with the help of SEO and they are briefly referred to as “Do’s”.

  1. Do Incorporate Keywords: Well if you are introducing SEO into your system, then you might be familiar with the use of keywords. Keywords are those words specified by Google on the basis of searches made by the audience related to a certain article in order to make a query about them on the search engine. The more the same popup words are searched by the audience, more is the chances of them being converted into keywords. Now these keywords which are related with the content you are providing should be targeted to include in there to maximize our reach and engage more traffic.
  1. Do Make Representative Data: If you want to make the most out of your SEO services, you need to include keywords in your content. Without keywords, finding an audience for your content would be like searching a needle in the sea. Keywords are more descriptive about your content and also appear in bold letters, thus acquiring the attention of potential customers.
  1. Do Include Other Website Linking To Yours: One of the healthy practices that you can follow is to introduce links in other websites that may lead to yours. But keep in mind that you don’t link back to the same website because with the new update, Google bots hate link exchanges. Providing links back will not sound good to Google as it will draw a conclusion that you are not providing enough valuable content to the end users and are only making use of your link network, so to avoid this, have a website that links to yours and that’s it. This way you can secure more audience without any hassle.
  1. Include Relevant Social Media: You can always have more than one strategy with the use of SEO. Besides providing high quality content and proper keywords, you can also post your content on relevant social media platforms. For example if it is a subject of art that you are trying to sell in and want more people to be aware about it, then the niche itself should be connected to the relevant industry to acquire more attention of the potential users.
  1. Verify On Google Business Profile: If you are someone new to SEO and want a stable establishment, then you should verify your business on GBP. It is the authoritative and authentic verification of your page and it is mandatory because it can lead you in acquiring relevant organic searches.

Now let us take a look at some of the things which we should avoid to attain the goals we want through the use of search engine optimization. These should be known as “Don’ts”.


  1. Don’t put all keywords at once: The use of keywords in bringing the website in the upper ranking is clear but that doesn’t mean you should use all the keywords that you have shortlisted on a single page. Instead, keep them varied as they can bring more attention to every valuable content you provide on your website. Putting all keywords at once will increase your workload on finding more for your pages while you can use just a few but specific to acquire more traffic.
  1. Don’t stuff your keywords: Just because you need to increase your chances of being searched through specific keywords doesn’t mean you need to stuff keywords by means of unnatural phrasing. Google can easily identify the meaning or irrelevant phrasing and thus can put your website into later search results.
  1. Don’t Ignore Reviews: Whether positive or negative, you shouldn’t ignore any review as it can define the impact of your content on end users. They can be satisfied or unsatisfied and thus can help us improve more with our content. Positive and negative reviews allow us to make more customization and are counted as a boon for SEO, henceforth don’t ignore the reviews.
  1. Don’t Panic: If you see your rank suddenly dropping, don’t panic. This might be a possibility that Google is testing its new algorithm update and these updates happen on a regular basis. Sit calmly, as soon as the testing is completed, you are soon gonna rank up.


Bringing all the necessary things in place, you can certainly achieve all the goals and objectives you have nurtured your SEO for. Quality content is necessary and thus White Label SEO Lab has updated the information through this blog on how to make use of your SEO services.

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