When it comes to advertising and marketing channels that actually benefit a legal firm SEO or search engine optimization is counted among the top options. Nevertheless, to obtain desirable results, you have to take a deep dive into possibly the trickiest element of the process, which is law firm link building strategies and what actually is web link building. Having worked with numerous law firms and legal houses globally, White Label SEO Lab takes pride in the rate at which our team creates reputable web links that are actually profitable. Let’s start with understanding the essentials of link building for law firms and lawyers.

Effective Link Building Strategy for Lawyers

There are many strategies that a law firm can utilize on its way to building links. In order to find the most effective methods, our experts at White Label have suggested some. Listed below are link building strategies for lawyers you can easily apply on your way to link building for attorneys. Also, do not forget, an excellent link-building method will definitely integrate a variety of techniques to expand your web link profile and also bring in its appearance all-natural.

  1. Generate an account on legal directory websites

Developing an account on free directory websites is among the simplest methods to get started with the process of constructing backlinks to your law firm’s website. They are also great for boosting your overall legal link building profile. You might additionally take into consideration a couple of paid directory websites as well since they have more refined listings and thus offer a trusted source of information for your targeted users. These directories might also help you discover locally more easily with the help of targeted keywords and their advanced searching and recommendation algorithms.

If you desire to assess the efficiency of your citations, then you may include UTM specifications for a URL as well as incorporate the project resource into it. With this, you may keep track of the efficiency of interior Google Analytics. You only have to look for “citation” under the Resource/Tool file. Besides the popular Google My Business, some really useful directory websites where you may make an account for building backlinks for lawyers include Justia, SuperLawyers, Avvo, HG.org, NOLO and Attorneys.com.

A bonus tip while gathering good backlinks for lawyers by this method is to make use of an exact and regular NAP + W (name, address, contact number and website) across all directory websites as it ensures that Google knows that you are an actual service. It may even help boost your local SEO profile as well.

  1. Contribute as a guest writer to legal magazines and online information spaces:

If you have expertise in your domain, then why not use that to build some high-quality backlinks for your law firm? If you have an excellent understanding of the best ways to develop a law firm or even a solid data-backed viewpoint on a prominent topic in your domain, then there are numerous websites that would be happy to offer your backlinks to your website in return for your valuable blog or article posted on their website.

To locate such websites that can help you with law firm link building, you can simply search for “write for us” webpages or directly reach out to potential sites through their contact pages. Once they are willing to accept new posts, all you need to do is look up a relatable topic that users might be interested in, put on some basic keywords, and draft an engaging content piece to help you get started.

  1. Get your law office listed on your alma mater’s internet website.

Another simple way of link building for law firms comes from law institutes and universities’ websites. Most of these have dedicated sections for alumni as well as a list of legal companies that are linked to them in some or the other way. You can easily send your details to them and also ask for an introduction. In addition, there could be options to contribute to the university blog post, by discussing your recommendations with graduating pupils or even funding several law events. You can easily also come to be a part of committees as well as gain mentions coming from your law school’s internet site.

  1. Ask for referrals from your network

One of the most underrated web link building strategies for law firms is to ask for referrals from their own network. This might include asking for links from local businesses as well as your business acquaintances. For instance, if your contact has a legal blog site that endorses the leading legal professionals in each condition, it might make good sense to obtain your law firm links on that particular listing. Or even, view if any type of regional blog writers will certainly include your law practice as a source for individuals who are trying to find lawful companies in your place.

  1. Become a reliable source of information for Journalists & Bloggers

To support their posts and articles with facts and verified sources, a lot of journalists and bloggers generally cite information from various experts from the same domain. When working on your link building campaign, you can actually reach out to such individuals and agencies with the required inputs for their perusal. You can enroll on websites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO), Response Source, and Quoted to quickly connect with those looking for experts like you. To further boost your chances of getting backlinks from such websites, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you respond to requests that are actually from your niche
  • Write precise yet insightful responses
  • Back your opinions with facts and numbers
  • Be prompt and quick to respond to all requests
  1. Scholarships and Sponsorships:

While this might be quite an expensive link building strategy for law firms and lawyers, it surely pays off on your investments. You can generate good links from high authority websites with .edu, .org, and .gov websites which can improve your reputation multiple folds. Here are quick steps to help you get started:

  • Plan a scholarship or sponsorship by finalizing the grant amount, dates, rules, and targeted institutes, students, or local bodies
  • Put up a web page with all the necessary details
  • Start reaching out to potential websites that might be interested
  • Ask for backlinks to your webpage from interested institutes and websites

Key Takeaway:

Now that our experts have successfully mentioned the best link building technique through which many law firms can have a boost in their attorney services, it’s time for you to take the first step towards a better online growth journey. You can start by getting your law services website a free backlink audit or simply connect with an experienced backlinks consultant to discuss all your thoughts and queries, and help you create the best out of your business.


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