Web link building might be actually a difficult task, however important, and should be right there on the top of your SEO checklist. While link building for dentists is actually infamously challenging, certainly there are some approaches you can easily use to increase your website’s backlinks and also increase its own domain name authority score. Listed below are some of the most reliable dental manual link building strategies mentioned by our experts at White Label SEO Lab that you can easily utilize in your upcoming campaigns of link building for dental practices.

But first, what makes a good backlink?

Before we share strategies to up your link building strategies, it is necessary to understand what links are good for your business and what links to avoid. Here’s what you should make sure while working on generating high quality links:

  1. A link coming from high domain authority and trusted website
  2. Target website with higher TF (Trust Flow) score which simply means how well users can trust a particular website
  3. Target only relevant websites. In case of dental backlinks, focus only on dental and oral hygiene related websites only.

How to Build Backlinks to Dental Websites?

  1. Start by using your personal networks:

One of the simplest ways to get started with link building for dental clinics is to utilize the individual connections that you have created throughout the years. Listed below are some tips on exactly how to perform this:

  • Reach out to your professional contacts where you are an active part such as dental companies and hospitals to get backlinks to your website.
  • Ask your personal contacts to post testimonials and feedback regarding their services that can serve as a backlink to your online site.
  • Call your previous university or even your alumni team that may serve a trustworthy source of relevant dental links or write guest posts for dentists around you to contribute to their website while getting a referral link to your own website.
  • Attending dental related seminars and discussion groups can be another successful link building strategies for dentists.
  1. Register Yourself In Local Directory Sites:

When it comes to dental link building strategies, getting yourself registered in popular local directory websites is a highly reliable option. You can start with registering your dental practice on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other such lists. When your business is present at such places and you get backlinks from these trusted websites, search engines like Google recognize your brand as trustworthy, helping boost your overall SEO score and thus giving better search engine result pages rankings. To take it a step further, you can focus on niche specific directories such as dentistry.com to get an even more refined audience.

  1. Hosting Events Can Be Helpful

The aim of link building is to get your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information across different high authority and reputed websites while allowing users to redirect to your website via a link published on another site. And hosting local events can help you get links from your city’s website, local blog sites, and other community news source websites. This not only increases your online visibility but also boosts your ranking across local searches in your targeted area.

  1. Sponsorships and Scholarships

To react to a wider audience, you can offer certain kinds of scholarships or simply sponsor some events in your nearby areas. This may include hosting a competition for university students or offering sponsorships for upcoming community events. This way, you can have your website links across registration forms, feedback forms, and even news coverage that will generate genuine backlinks.

  1. Find and Fix unlinked or even improper business listing:

There are high chances that you already have your business details and links published across different websites, but due to some reasons, they have become inactive or offer incorrect information. Before working on newer links, it’s advisable to find such issues and fix these. This process is referred to as “reclamation”. Few ways to get started with the reclamation of links includes:

  • Searching for your business name across different search engines and look up the results that appear
  • Try looking for your old business details, such as inactive contact details or address of your old office.
  • Using your brand’s logo to do an image search and scan the available results for correctness.
  1. Start writing guest posts and articles:

In order to build backlinks to dental websites and keep your audience updated with your services and offerings, you need to think a step ahead from your competitors. Working on blogs and posting them across known sites from your domain can help you generate better quality links that could expand your outreach.

To get started, you need to pick a topic that is highly looked up by your targeted audience and do a thorough research around what information is already available and what additional details you can share. Next step is to find out and connect with websites that are accepting guest posts in your topic domain and tatt working on your blog. To make sure your blog is easily accessible to your users, try incorporating keywords that users generally look for and ask the guest posting website for backlinks on those keywords to increase your chances of being easily discovered. This process will help you generate trustworthy dental backlinks while allowing you to be discovered by more users globally.

  1. Research and analyze your competitors’ backlink strategies

With the help of advanced tools available in the market, you can start evaluating what your competitors are upto in terms of building a strong backlinks profile. This will help you get details of websites that you are missing out on and your competitors are already making use of such websites. Once you know the potential areas of improvements and targeted websites to focus on, you can plan your dental link building strategies even better.

It’s Time to Start a Safe and Effective Dental Link Building Campaign

To ensure increased web traffic and user engagements with your brands, focusing on how to get backlinks to your dental practice website is really important. Our White Label SEO team is always ready to help you build dental website backlinks by using creative yet verified strategies. We can help you from identifying the right platforms and resources to focus on that will prove to be highly successful for any dentists’ link building campaigns.

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