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If you are gaining enough attention from your potential clients, then it may count as the bread and butter of any successful law firm. However, the digital revolution has resulted in the saturation of the law industry eventually leading to some high scale competition, on the grounds of both online and offline.

Successful law firms made the transition by adopting local SEO strategy for law firms. A quick digital review of their marketing tricks and tactics helped them to get featured in local search results pages. As a result, these law firms may attract more clients and can take control of the online presence as a developing brand, all with the help of local SEO services for law firms.

What are some reasons for choosing a local SEO guide for lawyers?

Well, there are tons of reasons that can support this transition towards local SEO and optimization. Some of the most prominent one are:

  1. Most individuals begin their search for a valid and authorized law firm of attorneys by researching online. SEO strategy for attorneys is a way to let your potential clients around you find you easily.
  2. With the upcoming digital revolution, many law firms have managed to receive new cases with the help of their website. So if you haven’t thought about it already, you are probably missing out a lot.
  3. Almost all the queries and guides are searched and conducted on Google. And when more people find the required information at your site or business, they gradually build a trust for your brand name.

How Can Local SEO for Lawyers benefit your law firm as well as improve your credibility?

There are basically four major local SEO factors that can benefit your law firm to drive more prospective clients into your account. Hence, the best SEO practices for lawyers have been discussed below that will help your law firm appear more often in the local search results including both in organic search as well as on Google Maps.

  1. Advantages related with Google My Business:

Google My Business or GMB is the best partner for you to establish an online local search presence. A well-optimized Google My Business listing will make sure that you are present on top of Google search. An unorganized and unoptimized Google My Business listing will affect the law firm’s search visibility on local search results and also on Google Maps.

This amazing tool of Google has gone through many adaptations over the recent years and the current version is the most rigid and feature-rich. Claiming, customizing, and updating the Google My Business profile will have a better impact on the way your target audience reflects back to your law firm. Google uses a specific set of criteria’s in determining the local rankings for law firms.

  • A) Relevance: Google is always looking out for the relevancy of your Google My Business listing to the search query imposed. There are many ways to ensure that your local listing for your law firm is as relevant as possible for online search.
  • B) Distance: Google considers the distance of your business from the searcher when showing them local search results. This is performed by tracking the business’s IP address and other factors and then considering the best results to display to the user.
  • C) Prominence: The prominence of any law firm is calculated on the basis of its overall performance. There are a number of categories to consider when it comes to the prominence of a law firm including the authority of its backlinks, the number of articles published on other websites and the total number of reviews and ratings received.
  1. Your law firm website needs to rank locally:

Clients will search for a law firm by making use of relevant keywords. It then becomes essential that your firm shows up in the search results when the users are looking for the legal services that you offer and are relevant with them. For law firms, it is also important to optimize the web pages before actually trying out any SEO strategy for lawyers.

  1. It offers an Excellent Mobile User Experience:

Almost 50% of local search takes place on mobile devices. Users who prominently search on smartphones are more likely to take the initiative. Most clients and users use their smartphones to search for legal information and to confirm appointments. So a well planned local SEO can do wonders for your law firm in claiming more audience.

  1. Actively Managing Your Online Reputation:

Reviews are more than necessary because they can make or break your online presence. You can get the highest rank on all search engines, but if you do not have good reviews to back your law firm services, then you may have gradually fewer visitors and you will also be restrained from getting new appointments. As a part of local SEO services for law firms, you can leverage the offerings such as reputation management that will help you maintain a healthy relation with your audience and gain more positive reviews that will gradually help your conversion rates.


Our White Label SEO Experts at White Label SEO Lab have analyzed the digital marketing trends followed by law firms for the last 10 years and found that conventional marketing strategies are failing to drive optimum results. However, our experts also found that while the investment in conventional marketing took a sudden downfall but local SEO for the law firms has taken off really well. And with the help of this blog, it’s rightly more useful to bring in local SEO with your law firm to drive better results.

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