In today’s world, being equipped with the right utility is the new cool. It’s said that a knight needs to know his weapons and all of us are fighting a war nowadays to make a living. So hence we’re the knights of our world and we need to be equipped with the utilities we need in our day to day lives. Every field has certain technological and software tools to help make things easier.

Discussing the topic at hand, there are certain extensions provided by our web browsers which are a combination of pre-written scripts to help us complete a preferred task. These can be of several types and may provide an infinite range of services. Now, as you wished to know more about browser extensions that are helpful for a white label digital marketing professional, here’s a list that might help you out.

No Follow

We can’t imagine a website without links, whether those are followed links or No follow links. How do you check which links are “No Follow” links? If you are going to check each link then it is just a waste of time. Here is a great chrome extension which will give you a quick view of all the No-follow links.

No Follow tool does not end here. It also helps at checking Meta tags with no index so that it becomes easy to review an article in one go.


If your customers are not able to find easy buttons to complete the tasks then they rebound from the website. It takes a minimum of 30 to 50 seconds to decide whether the website will be helpful or not. Sniply makes sure to give a proper call to action buttons so that your customers can take advantage of every resource on the website.

Sniply is a rich tool that even builds links to different web pages by adding custom calls to action. Let your followers engage more through different web pages and discover your website while they read.


Email marketing is the best way to reach out to a large number of customers. But what if you don’t have enough emails? Here comes the Hunter tool that lets you know the email addresses of every web page that you access. It saves hours of research for any digital marketer who understands the importance of networking in the industry.

Just go to the web page and click on the chrome extension; there you go. The email address that you were looking for is ready.


Ever heard that content is the king? Yes that is exactly true but if you are someone who has just begun to start writing then Grammarly comes in handy. One-click at Grammarly chrome extension lets you enter into the world of thousands of suggestions for the content. It will correct your mistakes by providing multiple features.

What is the best thing about Grammarly? It is free of cost. Although if you are someone who wants refined content with advanced suggestions then pay a nominal fee. Some of the free of cost features available at Grammarly are word count, reading time, cloud storage, and high accuracy.

Check My Links

One of the ignored strategies by every digital marketer is the broken link strategy. Well, there are multiple broken links on any website which can be proved resourceful. How do you use them? Check My Links tool is one such chrome extension that helps to look for broken links. It crawls through the whole website and there you are with multiple broken links.

Now just copy all the bad links with just one click to your clipboard and convert these broken links into usable ones. Do you know that various digital marketers use Check My Links as the last-minute function before launching the website? It is that easy.

SERP Trends

SERP Trends is much more than a normal chrome extension. It is a highly featured tool for a website that can be used in multiple ways. Basically, by clicking on SERP Trends you can easily come to know how your website worked, is it moving up or moving down? Get a quick glance at the position of your website.

SERP is an advanced tool that even shows the dynamics of previously performed searches. For your reference, triangles are the icon for the SERP. This icon is available by default after you install it from the chrome store.

SEO Quake

You may have multiple chrome extensions that give analyzed results of your website. But who interprets the results? SEO quake is one such tool that helps you to use the results in getting more traffic to the website. Not only knowing the results but you can easily share with others in a CSV format.

How does SEOquake help? Start with installing the tool from the chrome web store and you will get an icon on the chrome website. Then set the parameters to work upon, SEOquake will run a complete SEO audit. But it is not the end of SEOquake, you have various other features to explore.

Some major features of SEOquake are social statistics analysis for Facebook and Google+, the full report of internal and external links, know about the density of keywords and compare various URLs.


What takes influencers to reach out to thousands of people at one go? The trending hashtags are the key. Any website is nothing without a social media presence and hence takes your website social media platform where influencers are. RiteTag helps you to compete with influencers and stand out in the market.

A catchy and trending hashtag is one step away. Download RiteTag and get the hashtag insights within a few seconds. Your content is nothing until it reaches to the right audience, RiteTag suggests hashtags which will fit just right with the content.

So are we just looking at a bunch of hashtags? No, RiteTag is much more than just hashtags, the statistical analysis of each hashtag, brief recommendations customized for every business, and hashtag strength indicator. All these features are just right for any image you post either on social media or on a website.


Do your saved articles, videos, or images get lost in the way and you struggle with a hide n seek game. Now no worries because your articles or any kind of data will be stored at all of your devices in just one step. Pocket is really a small pocket for all kinds of content. Right-click on any type of content and save it to Pocket.

Pocket is available at all devices and once data is saved in the pocket then it gets access with any device you want. Isn’t that easy? Make a list of folders in the pocket so that you can get customized data. Is pocket just saving your data? Beyond just saving data, Pocket gives you multiple stories related to the data saved and creates a perfectly organized environment to work better.


A website is not just a collection of articles but a presentation of your brand. Brands are not created easily, you need to showcase what your brand wants to convey. ColorZilla is the helping hand for a digital marketer to choose the best of the gradients, textures, color fills, and other colorful goodies.

Have you ever seen a black and white website? Is it too catchy? Not at all. Standing out in the market needs a better combination of colors and textures. ColorZilla does that for you. It has advanced color picker tools, a color palette for every site, and history of colors you chose before.


You may be a great digital marketer but creating content continuously with new ideas is some work. After curating the best ideas about why to stress out at scheduling in the future. Buffer will schedule each content post at your pace. It will post the articles with just one click.

What exactly Buffer does? It integrates with various websites and shares the content as required. Facebook, Twitter, and various other websites could be integrated easily. A great feature at buffer is, “Share Image” button is a one-click button to post throughout the web


A beginner digital marketer may not want a bunch of tools with a detailed analysis. So we have a great chrome extension where you can easily find multiple features such as broken link checker, SEO analysis report, word count, social tags, indexability, and crawlability.

All these features are available at one click on the Ahrefs chrome extension. What’s more required? You just name it. Ahrefs has various other features from domain rating to URL rating to estimated organ traffic search to the number of backlinks to ranking keywords calculator. What do you need to access all these features? It is just one account at Ahrefs chrome extension.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords are the core component of On-Page SEO. A website gets ranked much better with trending keywords and advanced keyword analysis. Moreover, Keywords Everywhere is a free cost tool for a monthly search volume report. You can even upgrade for a paid extension and most people do so as this tool is best in the market.

The free of cost features are the top 5000 keywords for each page on Google, search insights widget, tags widget, people also search for widget and trend charts. All kinds of information will be available at our fingertips.


Between 11000 plugins present on WordPress, it has become difficult to know which website has used which plugin. Looking at a great website and not knowing what plugin they used is too frustrating. We are here to end your struggle, an easy solution is downloading Scan WP. The tool will give you total insights with one click.

Beyond knowing about various plugins, ScanWP also gives you information about WordPress themes, ranked keywords, estimated traffic, and the main competitors. If in future you really like a website then just click on the ScanWP icon and know about plugins, themes, and much more or just apply it on your website within a few seconds.

Google Analytics Opt Out

Do you know that Google collects all the information that you may not even want to share? You may know this but do you know that you can opt out of giving information to Google Analytics? Google Analytics Opt Out saves your information in a way that it doesn’t reach Google. Download the chrome extension and load the tool properly to get better results.

While installing this tool, you must read the terms of service and ensure that it has no problem before or after downloads.

SEO Search Simulator

What if you are not carrying a laptop then is it possible to check the ranking of your website or your competitor’s website? Yes, you can. SEO Search Simulator is the best way to watch your website rankings and improve on time with the help of the device that you can access. SEO Search Simulator is one of the best chrome extensions available for the fastest SEO ranking results.

Ayima Page Insights

Thousands of On-Page techniques are applied daily to improve website rankings but not all of them work efficiently. Ayima Page Insights is one such way to track down the On-Page issues that are not visible easily. It is a real-time process that exposes common errors in the processes at the back end of the website.

You can note that the information while analyzing the data is not shared with a third party so it is the trusted and hot tool in the digital marketing world. As soon as you visit the web page, with one click on the tool; a full-fledged analysis report will be available. You can easily improve the errors and rewrite the information.


What is the marketing business without networking? Networking is a continuous process that may never stop. Yesware is one such platform that helps marketers create the best relationships with customers. It helps to track, manage. And update yourself about each of your customers. You can create campaigns, templates, and new marketing strategies.

A lasting relationship with the customer will need more than just a good marketing strategy. Yesware allows you to measure how much your strategy has reached to the audience and how the audience is reacting? Get an email tracker by working on Yesware. It is the easiest but effective tool.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the most classified platform in the professional area. It grasps the best of customers for any business. How to use LinkedIn in the most efficient way? How to get the information from LinkedIn in the fastest way? LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to acquire the data from LinkedIn profiles within no time.

It will become an easy task to find your future leads and convert them to your customers. The leads are then filled in the enrichment tool and added to the mailing lists. The mailing lists that you built is a great way to start email marketing.


The most powerful tool that you can search in the online world to create outstanding links is Bitly. It generates the most reached and recognized links. Link generation is one step, Bitly also edits the links so as to get the shortest possible links. It is the major form of marketing used by Bitly to make the links reachable.

After downloading the Bitly Google chrome extension, you can right-click on the page to create the link. It is the fastest way to save your time and post them automatically.


What is Ghostery? If you have ever come across ads in the middle of searching content or scrolling with web pages then you know how frustrating it can get. Ghostery allows you to block ads and build a free environment to work.

What’s next? Ghostery beyond blocking ads, also block trackers on the websites who can easily control your data. This is the best way to secure the privacy of your website and personal information.

What’s more? After blocking ads and data trackers, it’s time to speed up the page loading. Ghostery speeds up your page loading as it helps with Google ranking. How Ghostery helps to speed up your page loading? Blocking ads and data trackers will automatically speed up the process.


And there you got all the equipment needed to level up the digital marketing journey. Download at least five of these tools to bring an easy environment and speed up the processes. Each of the chrome extensions mentioned above will give different results for different uses. Do you need to have a better understanding of what you want to get out of the tool?

Are you ready to explore new generation tools? If you really want to get more out of these tools then learn how to use each extension with the other. One tool helps to curate the content and others will schedule it, so use them together and get most of it.
FAQ Section

Q: What is a browser extension?

A: A browser extension is a combination of pre-written scripts that can be added to web browsers to enhance their functionality and provide additional services.

Q: What is the purpose of the “No Follow” browser extension?

A: The “No Follow” browser extension allows users to quickly identify “NoFollow” links on a webpage and also helps in checking meta tags with no index.

Q: How does the Hunter tool assist digital marketers?

A: The Hunter tool helps digital marketers by providing them with email addresses associated with web pages, saving hours of research for networking and email marketing purposes.

Q: What can Grammarly’s Chrome extension do for content writers?

A: Grammarly’s Chrome extension offers suggestions and corrections for written content, helping content writers improve grammar, spelling, and overall writing quality.

Q: How does Check My Links benefit digital marketers?

A: Check My Links is a Chrome extension that helps digital marketers identify broken links on websites. It saves time by quickly identifying broken links, allowing marketers to fix or replace them before launching a website.

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