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    Backlink Audit Services

    We all know the advantages that SEO brings to our business. It is basically a process of improving on what you have. The same way it should be about cleaning up the mistakes. Yes, we are talking about backlink cleanup services. But a general question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to remove backlinks from my website? Well to answer this question, we need to first understand what is backlink audit and backlink removal service. The commonly used link building methods, due to Google war on webspam, has been imposed as a toxic backlink audit. These are actually harmful to your website’s traffic and rankings in search engine results. This also implies that the practices you have been using since the past were not according to Google webmaster guidelines. Google’s algorithm and manual reviewers keep changing. It is done to make it more effective at discovering attempts to use backlinks to favor in search results. The guidelines haven’t really changed but  are being strictly enforced on everything. It includes old directory submission and article marketing packages. So it’s high time you start working towards eradicating those toxic backlinks and book a free backlink audit.

    White Label Link Building Services
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      Backlink Audit Services

      White Label Link Building Services

      What is a Backlink Audit?

      A backlink audit is the evaluation of all links that directly lands up to your website. This means you need to find the links and identify the bad and good ones. After the finalization,  you can now develop the right strategy to deal with them. You can download the list of your links from Google Webmaster Tools if you are into small business. The options hence remain of choosing them manually. But if you are running an enterprise website with a lot of referral domains, the manual process can last for lifetime. To offer the guidance, we at White Label SEO Lab will tell you how to do the job simply. It can be done by using Backlink Audit and Backlink Analytics tools. You can also improve your backlink by combining our new backlink database with integrations. Link audit when initiated with the help of SEO, is referred as SEO Link Audit.

      Backlink removal services: why do you need it?

      Poor backlinking can result in a sudden decrease in ranking and traffic. A decrease in traffic is a decrease in sales leading to losses of revenues to the business. To be honest, no one pays much attention to them. White Label SEO Lab has the right tools and strategies to completely analyze your website. We also determine and track the requirements. Total optimization is done for backlink audit and removal after the website is evaluated. Removing backlinks can either be done manually or with the help of a software. Commitment to manual process is our motto as it is much more thorough and successful for backlink profile audit. You need to remember that not all backlinks are poor. Therefore, the time is taken to investigate and decipher the good from the bad. This is the entire process to remove damaged backlink. White Label SEO Lab also takes the time to document the process. This is intended so that we can send a report to Google for reconsideration of the project. Bad backlink removal service is a great way to improve the performance of your website.

      White Label Link Building Services

      How to Remove Spam Backlinks

      Google’s top three ranking factors count backlinks, which means you simply can’t ignore this. But without high quality links, you will slip down and will probably rank low for competitive keywords and search terms. This can doom your valuable efforts and the fact is not all backlinks are equal. The poor and wrong choice of backlinks can harm your site and negatively affect your rankings including the impact of organic traffic. It can affect revenue as well. Therefore you should thoroughly analyze your backlinks on a regular basis to find fresh opportunities to build backlinks. It will help increase your organic visibility and can identify any issues which could be hindering your website performance.

      SEO helps better to spot toxic and spam Backlinks. An SEO audit is carried out involving various steps to improve the problem.


      Setting up your own audit

      White Label recommends that you analyze the root domain and specify your brand name before setting up your target country and category. Once this is achieved, start your backlink audit and wait for the confirmation to come in to let you know it is done.


      Connecting Google Search Consoles

      While you are waiting for the backlink audit to complete, connect White Label to your Google Search Console account. This is done so that you are able to submit a disavow file and gain further backlink insights. Remember that only verified owners of the property can do so as you will need to share access to the account with White Label email address.


      Overview and Results

      Once the backlink audit has been completed, you will see a quick overview. It will provide all the statistics and an indication of the overall performance of your backlink profile audit. Now is the time to view the full results and dig deeper into the audit findings of backlink removal services.


      Understanding Backlink Profile

      After this step, you will now see a report. It is an overview of the backlink profile. Through this, we can understand our toxic score. The less the toxic score, the less backlink cleanup services are required.


      Audit Toxic Backlinks

      Once you sort out the results through toxic score, you can now move on to audit your toxic backlinks. This is essentially important as a part of white label backlink removal. Toxic score helps in determining which backlinks can potentially harm your website rankings. It is based on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being a good score and 100, very toxic.


      Creation Of Whitelist

      We offer assistance in creating a whitelist that includes domains with a low toxic score or which can keep your website to be natural and safe. Now you will be only left with backlinks that list have been selected.

      Your Brand And Our White Label Digital Marketing Effort

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      “There are many ways in which we can address toxic backlinks”

      What’s more to Backlink Cleanup Services?

      There are many ways in which we can address toxic backlinks. Toxic Backlinks affect the rankings in SERP, by providing a low domain score and poor quality leading to decreased visibility. To sort out the penalties, we can contact the administrator of the linking website and ask the link to be removed. Well if the link is valid, and the penalty has been activated already then you can request for a review. According to a report, Google processes about 400,000 manual penalties of which 20000 are reconsidered in a month. So it can take around 30 days to receive a response. Another scenario stands up if the backlink isn’t important to you. Then you can use the Disavow Links tool rather than manual outreach backlink removal services.

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      What is Google Disavow Tool?

      The Disavow tool is a prominent part of Google Search Console. It allows websites to discount the value of a link provided further helping to prevent backlink based penalties. Familiar with the Google war on link spam, some online businesses are at risk of organic search penalty. This is making disavow tools an important asset for websites while they are at a risk of being penalized. The main reason behind disavow links is to protect the website from bad backlinks. It can harm the website’s reputation and also its rank on the Search Engine Results Page. Bad links can be created when competitors can use them to try and move higher in the rankings. The users might also accidentally create them by talking about the store on an unidentified website.Google’s algorithms is also a factor that might change in a way that causes a previously used link to become an issue.

      Why Choose Us

      Why Choose White Label SEO Lab for Backlink Removal Service?

      Backlink Audit and Backlink Removal Service comes with many advantages. It is basically done using a customized strategy to cover all the critical stages. Backlink Audit SEO can help in optimizing the strategies to remove bad backlinks from the site. We at White Label SEO Lab offer a wide variety of options to help and the advantages in details are discussed henceforth.

      Link Audit

      Have you ever come across how to do link audit? Well link audit is something that helps in increasing our broader perspectives. Link Audit is basically the diagnosis of the toxic backlinks. It is also referred to as a toxic backlink audit. Through this method, an auditioning round is offered to study the influence of the backlinks. If they are promising enough, then they wouldn’t be removed.

      Compilation of Backlinks

      In order to remove bad backlinks, we need to combine them. Compilation of backlinks can be fruitful. Sometimes backlinks can be altered and made useful. Since compilation means collection of all the good and bad backlinks, chances of using them to our advantage becomes more prevalent.

      Understanding The Website

      Since we are in a process to remove toxic backlinks, we are also evaluating the website. Evaluation means a thorough investigation. This investigation can result in finding more threats and weaknesses of the business. Once reported, they can be analyzed and the solution can thus be found without any further damage. This can be better understood by the term, comprehensive backlink audit. It means to pull out more by performing a single task.

      Diagnosis of Link Quality

      While evaluation, our experts also check the performance of backlinks provided. The quality of a backlink matters, because it is garnered to attract potential audiences. If the quality is poor, it will attract less people and less time will be spent on your website. Therefore we only provide high quality backlinks to impersonate your website. This is a better way to represent our backlink audit and backlink removal services.

      Your Brand And Our White Label Digital Marketing Effort

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      If your website is facing issues with organic traffic lately or you are worried by the Google penalty issued to your website, we would be more than happy to help you with our backling removal services. Our team of experts deliver high-quality spam backlink audit and removal services to help you get back your top spot in search engine result pages.

      Connect with us today to plan your next move and start your journey towards a higher ranking and increased organic traffic.

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