Reseller SEO is often used to describe the white label SEO, but the two aren’t synonyms for one another. There are some basic differences at the core. Let’s understand by going through the definition of reseller SEO first.

Reseller SEO: What is it all about?

Although it refers to a similar solution where you buy a pre-defined SEO package and deliver them to your clients, reseller SEO plans don’t include any extended support, training, or services that are outside of the packaged plan. You simply resell the packages that are offered under the SEO reseller program. While on the other hand, white label SEO plans are more flexible and extensive.

Generating better results by combining Reseller SEO with White-Label SEO

Just like everything else, both reseller SEO and white-label SEO have their own pros and cons. So why opt for one when you can get the best of both options?   At While Label SEO Labs, we aim at delivering what’s best for your clients while ensuring you get an increased revenue source. To achieve this, we assign dedicated project managers to each of our clients to ensure we come up with campaigns that are suited to specific clients’ needs while adhering to a consistent and well structured process to make it easier on your end. In this way, it becomes easy for you to keep track of the process while your clients are fully satisfied with a unique campaign approach.

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