It is a well-known fact that Google awards keyword rankings to the website that proves it is the best fit for the relevancy of a subject or theme that matches the crawlers query. Thus,  the primary goal of SEO is to improve the website so that the website is not just about targeted keyword phrases but also about the themes matching those keywords.

If your website is a disjointed array of unrelated information with no clear central theme, then it will lead you nowhere. Such a website also suffers in search engine rankings for a position after keywords. Experts at White Label SEO Lab thus suggest that siloing a website will serve to clarify your website’s subject relevance and will lay the foundation for high keyword rankings. It is considered as a core building block for search engine optimization.

Silo Structure Optimization

What are Silo structure and siloing?

The term siloing is defined as a way to identify the concept of grouping related information into particular and identifiable sections within a website. It is more like the chapters in a book, the SEO silos represent a group of themed or subject-specific content on your site.

This grouping is considered a high SEO priority because the search engines award keyword relevancy within their index-based algorithm on the page and then the rest of the website with the most supporting relevant content. Higher ranked websites are founded upon the concept that a website should physically be organized.

What do you call an SEO Silo Structure?

An SEO silo structure thus has a clearly identified title, abstract, and table of contents, and then the content is laid out to reinforce the overall theme the as a whole all of them with references and footnotes supporting the particular subject. There are many websites hidden due to widespread search engine result pages or SERPs exposure and the reason behind it is that they lack an organic search engine optimization strategy or their SEO silo strategy does not include enough attention to clear subject relevance or SEO siloing.

With this blog, White Label SEO Lab will let you establish a strategy for improving the clarity of a website’s overall theme through SEO siloing with the intent to improve keyword rankings.

How will the SEO Silo Structure boost Your SEO?

It is impossible to gain complete information about how or why Google or any other search engines like bing and yahoo rank a website. But there is one clear and consistent message and this is that businesses need to provide quality content. SEO silo structures support your content creation activities.

According to research conducted by White Label SEO Experts at White Label SEO Lab, approx 70% of online marketers focus on content creation as the most effective SEO strategy. This means that your website structure will play a critical role in determining the success of your content marketing. Let’s take a look at the different ways mentioned by experts globally on how SEO silo architecture helps with search engine optimization.

  1. It Improves User Experience:

The smallest problem on your website can lead to the abduction of visitors thus clicking the back button when they arrive on your business site. Thus, one of the most important features your business website should possess is having clearly structured content. When customers understand what your website is about and what it does offer at a glance along with the information that they need they will automatically spend more time on your website.

  1. Create Keywords Relevancy:

While indexing a website, search engines consider the relevancy of a keyword in context with the content on the page. You can understand this with the help of an example, such as a blog post about healthy food, needs to come under the category ‘food recipes’ to make sense. Moving on further, the blog post needs to fit into the website itself. In such cases, it could be a blog website about health and fitness too. This is because it will not make sense for a blog about home repairs to include a post about a salad recipe.

Keyword relevancy and context need to be in the right and accurate place to increase your chances of being found on the internet. Using SEO silos to organize your content helps you to create posts that are relevant to the overall based theme and to the categories as well. You also tend to create a greater chance of appearing as a result for a keyword when you create a suitable overpowered context.

  1. Interlinking is easy:

When you are creating backlinks for your website then it is important to make sure that these backlinks help users discover content across your website. A SEO silo structure will allow you to link between top categories with the posts that lie in subcategories, further they can then link back to the home page. Such interlinking can be of major value since it helps search engine spiders crawl your entire website. Once your website is completely crawled, it increases the chances that relevant articles and posts get ranked for specific search terms.

  1. Finding Overlooked Content:

With proper interlinking, you will improve the chances that little to none of your website content is ignored by search engines.

Search engines use links to find more about the content within a website. Best practices by SEO professionals in interlinking suggest that you link content within a silo only. This will make sure that your interlinks lead to relevant content and also make sense contextually. If you need to link to other silos, then it is recommended to link to top-level categories.

Bottom Line

Here at White Label SEO Lab, we use a silo structure to organize our client’s website. We work closely with our clients to understand what their business is all about and what they are trying to offer to their audience, and then define a proper silo structure for their websites. Each silo structure is defined in a way that it starts with a parent page, followed by a number of child pages that go into detail about a particular service. The parent page may also link down to all the supporting pages often termed child pages. Our child pages furthermore internally link with each other and then link back up to the parent page.

To learn more about how we can help you organize your website in a better way, feel free to reach out to us today. You can always grow your business with specialized SEO and digital marketing experts at White Label SEO Lab and boost its digital presence.

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