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If you own a website, you might be familiar with the SEO services that help in imparting growth to a websites’ performance on the internet. A SEO specialist however covers a few important factors that help your website rank higher in the search engine result pages, so that you can be seen more by your potential audience. One of the factors related to such a technique is link building. Individuals who are far away from the concept of link building, however have more concern regarding its effectiveness. It is about obtaining unique and quality links for your website and is one of the most critical parameters in helping you to rank higher on google.

An effective link building service can be obtained by hiring a dedicated link builder expert. You can opt for their monthly link-building service which includes generating good backlinks for your homepage and internal pages on a monthly basis.

How To Test If a Link is a Good Link?

There are an infinite number of links available on the internet today. With so many links in abundance, it becomes hard to testify whether a link is good or not. So how to test link building, whether it is of optimum quality or not?

Here are some important parameters to consider as mentioned by our experts at White Label SEO Lab to test if a link is good or not.

  1. Relevance:

Relevance is something that must fit according to your niche. In more simple words, the links you are generating for your website must be related to the type of services your business is offering. This will help in making sure that you are actually building the right links. Think about all the possible keywords that can be related with your website’s topic and closely analyze your audience in order to make good links.

  1. Trustworthiness:

One of the potential ways of link building is through earning links from a trusted website. If the website isn’t upto the standards of authentication, then earning links from such places can land you in trouble. The trustworthiness of a website while acquiring monthly backlink service can be checked in the following ways.

  • DO Follow/Nofollow Links.
  • Anchor Text.
  • Amount of traffic on the website
  • Backlinks to the website
  1. Placements:

Your links need to be placed on the right place on a website page, so the usage of links can be maximum and in a way, they can be more visible. Most of the link building experts suggest that the best place to put your links is in the upper portion of the content as web crawlers mostly give priority to the topmost content of a webpage.

  1. Authority Score:

Authority score helps in determining the impactfulness of a website or domain links. While your service provider is building links for you as a part of their monthly backlink building service, you need to ensure that the links are coming from websites with a higher authority score as it is directly proportional to a higher trustability of your domain. On a scale of 1 to 100, your score should be as close to 100, thus defining your higher authority score.

  1. Anchor Text:

To help users navigate from one page to another, anchor texts are used. They are known to influence google rankings, however, too much use of the same anchor text may violate the guidelines of google. It is therefore advised to use a mix of everything so that it may appear natural.

How to run a successful monthly link-build campaign?

There are many ways for proper link building, however to make your monthly link building service successful, some strategies will prove to be the best among the rest.

  1. Request Links:

Well, when we do outreach, we have to earn links from different websites. When we land into a website whose content is typically relevant with our niche, chances are that you have to contact the owner of the website before acquiring links. However, before you request link from a website, do make sure:

  • the website has relevant links suiting your content.
  • to analyze the provider’s background, performance and credibility.
  • to make use of an email instead of directly texting on the website.
  1. Manually Add Links:

As the topic refers, your monthly backlink building service optimized by experts are meant to manually add links on a website, in blog comments, in guest posts and furthermore into press releases. It is helpful in attracting traffic to your niche since you are doing it manually and its effectiveness can drive referral traffic as well to your website. Here is the list of link building processes that can be created manually every month.

  • Business Listing
  • Thematic Links Creation
  • Local/City Specific Link Creation
  • Profile Creation
  • Web 2.O
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Outreach Links
  • Classified Links Creation
  • PPT Submissions
  • PFD Submissions
  • Video Submissions
  • Image Submissions
  • Infographic Submissions
  • Social Media Links
  • Link from Press Release
  • Article Posting
  1. Earn Links:

There is always more than one business offering the same type of services in a particular niche. So, in order to have a competitive edge above your competitor, you should build a tactic on how to earn high quality links. It will require a lot of time and effort but remember this, if you test link building as compared to the time you have put into it, it will always yield you with the highest rewards that you won’t regret. As you are earning links, the third party website will also get introduced with your business helping each other share the traffic as well as build the new ones for each other respectively.

  1. Replicate Competitors Backlink:

The competitors link, who are making big names in the field you offer services, can be used with the purpose of reverse engineering. This is an easy and effective methodology to yield best results through your link building campaign.

  1. Reclaim Lost BackLinks:

We always talk about unique ways to find links; however, the previous ones whom you might have acquired but have been lost can also be counted as precious for your website. Sometimes you lose links because the page with which the link was visualized has been removed. If the page was from rewrites, you can email them asking them to place links back in place.

Effectiveness Of Monthly BackLink Services

Experts offering SEO services understand the importance of measuring results. As far as digital marketing is concerned, it is typically a measurable area. And so a few metrics that may show the effectiveness of monthly backlink services are:

  1. Page and Domain Authority:

One of the foremost metrics that shows the effectiveness of backlink generation is domain authority. Each website will have their own authority rankings. Domain authority determines the ranking of any website on Google. You should always focus on backlinks from websites that have higher authority ranking since google will always prefer higher authority pages over the lower ones.

The following factors are responsible for the calculation of page and domain authority:

  • how many unique domain links are linked to your page or website?
  • how many of the total links direct to your page or website?
  • authority of the websites linked back to you.

Always remember that the links you acquire from higher authoritative websites are much more valuable than the lower authority websites.

  1. Organic Keyword Rankings:

Backlinks create a chain and provide authority to your website, however a major key to this is that it can also help you achieve organic keyword rankings. This implies that you can show your effectiveness in the link building process with the help of organic keyword rankings.

  1. Organic Traffic:

The chain of reaction then jumps on to organic traffic. As you obtain higher organic keyword rankings, so will you obtain organic traffic. As the keyword rankings keep on improving, so will the effectiveness of your link building and finally receiving the required audience through search engine result pages.

  1. Direct Traffic:

As your organic rankings improve, you will receive more organic traffic. The organic traffic can however suggest your website to further audiences in order to invite direct traffic to your website. These individuals directly search for your website with means of links and search queries, that shows how effective your link building has been.

Best Monthly Link-Building Services: Ways You Can Rely Upon

You will require high quality backlinks to rank higher on Google and some of the best monthly link-building services are:

  1. HARO:

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It is a community used by journalism experts to find sources of news and other relatable matters. If you can somehow become a source of their story, you can automatically gain a link to your website.

  1. Content Marketing Agencies:

Content marketing agencies help you in producing content for your company blog. They work either in two ways, first is by paying them for a whole month and asking about the number of articles you want, or, simply paying a fee for a single content.

  1. Blogger Outreach Services:

These services help in promoting your content with the help of manual link building. This is done by finding people, their email addresses, contacting them and following up to promote your content with the help of their blogger outreach websites.

  1. SEO Agency:

If you want an agency that can handle all your important factors that need to rank you high on google, along with link building, then seo agency is a perfect choice. These agencies help you with optimizing your websites to help you rank better on Google along with link building components.

  1. Guest Posting Services:

The companies can be hired as a part of link building services that will focus on generating and posting guest blogs on your behalf. All the steps involved right from finding the websites that accept blog posts, deciding the topic, up until posting it on your behalf are done by these services.

  1. Infographics Design Company:

A company that helps you in creating visual content. These companies take care of all the process from finding the date to posting it with complete information on the website.

How Many Links To Create In A Month To Get Effective Results?

As a part of our research, the experts at White Label SEO Lab suggest that for a new website, or even the older ones who have hired monthly link building services, creating around 10 new links in the first month should be enough. The frequency can keep on increasing with the following months as the link building campaign evolves and after a while you will be creating more links, leading to better overall results. However, you can create even more links at the start of the process, but they should fall under the guidelines of Google. So the best strategy would be to start with a lower number of links and gradually increase it month after month.


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