When the world was busy fighting the battle with the pandemic, Google decided to come all guns blazing with its Google May 2020 core update on keyword rankings.

On the 4th of May, the announcement regarding the release was made by Google’s Danny Sullivan. The core update made justice to its name as it was large enough and took almost two weeks for the complete rollout.

The effects of the launch were no less dramatic, either!

SERP volatility breached the mark of January update as it ranged between 9 to 9.4 as compared to the average volatility of 8 in the case of the former one.

So, to know the reason behind such volatility, it becomes vital to understand why Google released these updates in the first place.

What Was The Purpose Of Google Algorithm Update?

As per Google, the core updates were directed towards achieving the mission of presenting relevant and authoritative content to the searchers.

So, the websites now need to evaluate whether their content is authoritative, useful to the user, and formatted to make the searches easier and make sure that the mistakes in SEO are fixed.

Offering the target audience with all the facts, tips, and data they need has to be the top priority for any content that’s being created.

How Did the Google May 2020 Core Update Affect the Present Rankings?

While the Google algorithm updates aimed to bring notable changes in search results across the globe, some domains were affected more than the others.

Where domains with strong trust signals, like the ones with high-quality backlinks, quality, and relevant content emerged as clear winners, domains that tried to mix up everything on a single target page showed a lack of focus and lost their rankings.

However, there were also certain domains with high authority that saw a drop in rankings.

The pandemic also affected certain industries and resulted in high volatility.

As can be seen, industries like travel, health, real estate, pets & animals saw the highest fluctuation in the rankings.

With the continuous focus of people on news channels, media outlets emerged as the winners, with indianexpress being the biggest SERP gainer.

On the flip side, the entertainment industry took a significant hit, with Eventbright losing around 44 positions.

So, how do you move forward with this Google algorithm update?

Well, quality is undoubtedly the need of the hour!

You can take the following steps,

  1. Update your content at regular intervals to keep them relevant.
  2. Fix your thin content (low word count) web pages.
  3. Fix your SEO errors.

Though the above steps may not be a tailor-made solution that goes on with every update, they will certainly help you better the content quality and offer the best experience to your users.

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