The world is evolving and so is the website SEO strategy. According to the Google algorithm and keywords ranking, there are multiple changes that a website has to go through. As everyone might be aware of the fact that Website Title is the key of SEO and whenever we find any drop in keywords ranking then most probably we want to change the website title first.

Once the changes are done in the title tag, we can find out the ranking overview through different tools and get the conclusion about ranking dropped or increased. Multiple times, marketing agencies face issues for understanding traffic scenarios after changing the title. 

99% of SEO agencies set up Google Analytics accounts for their SEO clients but few agencies use analytics data entirely for website use and quality improvement. We often use analytics to track traffic and measure traffic based on location, landing page, sources, and intermediate.

Here in this article, we help you with doing a comparative analysis of your website title and traffic using Google analytics. You can perform these task after following a few steps:

1) Open the analytics and then go to behavior -> site content -> landing page



2) Our goal is to understand the traffic before and after changing the title so go in the date range section and select the duration which you want to analyze.

Date Range


3) Now go to the landing page and select the secondary dimension as “page title”:

Page Title


4) After selecting the page title, you are able to see the same landing pages with different titles.


Same landing pages with different title

5) To proper understanding your important landing web pages traffic and title, you need to select the advance option and put the landing page URL which you want to analyze:


Advance Option

6) After selecting the particular URL, you can understand deeply the session, bounce rate, and conversion ratio after changing the title of the website.

Session and bounce rate



Utilizing the above-mentioned steps, you can do easily more analysis about changes in traffic trends after updating the title. If your agency is losing the traffic for their clients and wants the perfect SEO audit then contact our SEO experts at White Label SEO Lab. We are experts to help digital marketing agencies for getting ranking for their clients with honesty and hard work. GOOD LUCK!

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