Improve Your Customer ExperienceCustomers are the most important part of any business. And thus, offering them the best possible experiences is a priority for any business. But first, what are Customer Experiences? Customer experience or generally referred to as CX is defined as perceiving a customer’s emotions throughout their journey with your business or company. This assessment is somewhat similar to your inbound marketing as it runs parallel with the same approach.

Customer experience begins firstly as a means of interaction of your business with the customer and expanding until ending with your company’s feedback outlets. Some of you might still raise the question about what are customer experiences and what are they accountable for. Well, in simple words CX accounts for everything that happens around the environment of businesses.

A well planned website customer experience can be the catalyst for a loyal customer base, however a negative customer experience can influence your target audience and this may happen even before the audience and users actually establish connection with your company. Thus, importance of customer experiences can be well observed and this is why White Label SEO Experts at White Label SEO Lab suggest that you need to be firm with your approach to CX as it can help your business team not only solve the complex customer situations but also creating an effective counter strategy for problems that may arrive in the future, increase your ROI, improve your visitors experience and also improves your user experience.

Factors Affecting Customer Experience

There are a lot of factors that will eventually contribute to improving the website customer experience, however it will be more important for you to know what actually enthralls customers and what you should avoid to keep them intact. To find such a factor, our researchers at White Label SEO Lab surveyed about 1000 individuals to see what made a customer experience or affected it in a positive or negative manner.

With that being done, almost 70% of respondents were impressed with the customer experience and the factor was that the backend service team was quick enough to respond. 40% of those surveyed individuals said that their customer experience was good as the problem was easily solved. 28% of surveyed individuals were satisfied since the service representatives listened to and understood their needs.

How Can You Improve Website Customer Experiences?

Knowing all the valuable information and insights about your customer is necessary and once you have achieved it, you can now further work on improving the customer experience in your website and we have suggested a few proven ways to improve and reinvent your customer experiences for better.

  1. Creating A Customer’s Journey Map:

It would rather be a good idea to start with a great plan in execution before you implement it on your website. Thus it will be a great idea, even our experts at White Label SEO Lab say that creating customer journey maps is a great place to start.

A customer journey map can be defined as the route from where the customer interacted with you personally and how the journey turned out to be. Customer Journey Map thus will include engagements that are apart from just purchasing the product such as social media engagements, online advertising and cases related with customer services.

It also becomes critically important to account for both the pre and post-sale persona of the customer experience. There are a lot of things that may fantasize you towards following up the leads eventually turning into customers however the post-sale is an equally vital process to building a complete customer experience. To improve this, think about different stress points from where the customer interacts with via your website and how those customer experiences impact the customer’s perspective.

  1. Service Tools And Their Equipment to Customers:

You can evaluate much of a customer’s experience by identifying the fact that whom they interact with during their journey. If you think your website does not offer necessary ways or tools to facilitate your customers, then it can directly affect your website’s ability to perform better.

To ensure a healthy relationship with your website when current customer experiences aren’t up to to the level, you can:

  • Identify major pain points of the website with the help of customer feedback tools.
  • Review current systematic process (from first point of contact to subsequent interactions)
  • Amend your business processes to enable a more positive CX experience.

Furthermore, you should take a note that your customer experiences can literally vanish if your website is unable to deliver the primary purpose, i.e., providing the necessary information and offering them the ability to make their purchase in case you offer such services.

In order to make this possible, and avoid dampening your customer experiences, you can assess your website navigation, website offering, call to actions, loading time, and the overall look and feel of your website. This is highly recommended as a well managed website is directly proportional to an increase in the probability of delightful customer experiences.

  1. Personalize Your Connectivity With Customers:

Well personalization is all about how well your business is performing and how far it can scale according to the market and customers demand. Personalizing customer experiences for your customer can help in building a healthier relationship between a brand and buyer. For example, offering rewards and providing vouchers to the customer after their first purchase from your business can personalize their experience and make them loyal with our business over other rivals.

Personalization isn’t all about discounts and rewards and so it can be done in following ways:

  • A sweet gesture saying “Thank you” with the help of emails to customers after their first purchase.
  • Surveys regarding customers and their follow ups.
  • Customer’s preferences can also be customized in offering them rewards.


Thus, making the customer feel valuable even after they have paved their way in with your business can boost the overall customer experience, says experts at White Label SEO Lab. Therefore improving customer experiences is a great way to increase your brand reputation, build high and top quality customer base along with a rapid rise in the growth of your business.


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