What is Website Re-Launching/Migration?

Website Re-Launching/Migration is a process that a website undergoes in the web development phase in order to change its design and User Interface. We can’t say few simple optimizations in the structure of a website is a site migration. Migration implies big changes on a website, usually in regards to the website structure, theme, design, and content.

Why Do You Need Website Re-Launching/Migration?

An outdated website or old design website tells that you aren’t up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Every business needs to migrate and re-launch the website for better user experience and performance.

For example, older website designs are not created well in terms of website speed. More than 40 percent of visitors to your website will bounce back when they load the website. So you should have a website that holds the visitors on your website.

So here are the things you should do after your website re-launch or migration. Do these top things if you want your existing traffic flow to maintain and will increase to skyrocket.

  • Check All Pages Content 

The first thing you need to check is that all the pages of the new website should have proper content as we’ve on old websites. Website Developers don’t know very much about marketing and SEO. So we can’t expect from them that they have added all the content properly on each page of the website.

  • Check Google Analytics and Search Console Tags

Now check that Google Analytics and Search Console tracking codes are properly added on the website. We need to make sure that both of these tags are added properly before launching the website so we’ll not face traffic loss issues in both tools. 

  • Check Title and Description Tags

Now check that meta title and description tags areas it is added on all pages of the website. It’s really important to have meta tags added properly on each page else we’ll get the drop in current keywords ranking.

  • Check Heading Tags and Order of Implementation

Now check that heading tags are added properly on all pages of the website. Due to the new structure of the website, it’s most common that heading tags and order of implementation will change. We need to check heading tags on all pages carefully and need to make sure that we don’t have multiple H1 tags on a single page.

  • Check Schema Tags

Now check all types of scheme tags added on the header, footer, and on pages themselves. We need to check schema tags like NAP, Review Rating, and FAQ. All schema tags should be added properly at all places.

  • Check Internal and External Linking

We need to check all the pages have proper internal and external links. Due to the new structure of the website sometimes links URLs are changed and these go to 404. 

  • Check New Website Is Responsive

Usually, website developers check a website on a specific device and browsers repeatedly during the development phase to make sure the website is fully responsive on all platforms. But we need to check it once again and make sure the website will look great on all platforms.

  • Check Mobile Version of Website

Now check the new website on a mobile device. We should have a great look and speed on mobile devices as now the websites are being accessed more and more on mobile devices. Developing your website mobile friendly ensures that your pages will perform well on all devices.

  • Check Broken Links After Re-Launching of The Website

Now check for the broken links on the live site by using any free broken link checker tool. Broken links will damage your website’s rankings and usability. We should not have any broken links on the website. 

  • Website Speed

It’s time to check the website speed. It’s always a big concern for every visitor that “How fast does your website load?” In 2021, website speed is one of the most important ranking factors for all search engines. We should have all web pages fast on all devices especially on a mobile device. 

  • Post To Your Own Social Network/Press Release Sites

You can share the news of Relaunch/Migration at the blog post on your website and social networking profiles of your business. You can also create a press release about website migration and share it on different press release websites. By doing so you’ll get some valuable backlinks that help you to get a higher ranking in SERP.


Apart from the above SEO Re-Launching checklist, there’s a lot to consider when approaching a website migration. Our white label SEO expert can guide you in your website migration success no matter the platform.

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