In past times, the link building was based only on the quantity, not on the quality. Perhaps, nowadays, link building is a different game. If you’re working on manual link-building strategies, you’ve understood that link-building isn’t made to flow instantly. Instead, it’s a slow & steady process.

The authority of the pages where you build links and their quality plays a crucial role in determining how much you will rank on the Google search engine result page. And this is where blogging came into existence. Constant blogging and inbound linking will help to achieve a better rank on the website.

Beyond this, the manual link-building technique is the most challenging task if you do it on your own. But stay worry-free!

In this blog post, we will provide you with some of the best manual link-building strategies that help to score the best position on the search engine. As you understand the importance of manual link building, it’s time to shift to the strategies building.

So, let’s read one by one.

Be Active on Social Media

Being the most prestigious White label digital marketing agency, we know that social media networks nowadays revolutionized online marketing. Hence, remaining active on social media can prove to be a boon for the manual link-building plan and guest post offers.

So, if you don’t spend quality time on social media, then you disfavor your brand. Thus, one must need to remain active, and share posts, and images with relevant links. When you do this, you’ll boost audience engagement. Moreover, you will be able to target the audience by improving visibility.

Do Strategic Guest Blogging

Many companies and business marketers embrace blogging to achieve better visibility and target the audience. But how can you generate profit from guest blogging is vague. Hence, if you generate many authority links in the process, then you gain visibility.

Manual link-building techniques help to drive more traffic to your blogs. Thus, you will get better attention from the visitors. Since you want to build more inbound links, use the manual outbound link-building services or the blog website that is willing to accept the guest blog.

When your guest post is posted on a trusted syndicated platform, your website is automatically exposed to a massive audience on social media. For instance, if you want to rank your website in the top ten of Google results pages, consider those websites for blog posts that have a high rank on the search engine.

Guest blogging is the most excellent way of getting linked and achieving an audience. But if you do it in the wrong way, this will drop your rank on the search engine. So, before you opt for any blog site, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Study the website content and audience interest
  • Study the reviews and experience of the blog users

This will help to understand better which site is better for the blog posting.

Take the leverage of Broken Link Strategies.

A broken link strategy is an excellent way of bringing manual links to the site. So, if you have no specific time to write engaging content or don’t have trusted partners to do a guest post, you can leverage the broken link strategies.

How Does This Broken Link Building Work?

A broken link is a manual link-building strategy, and it is quite simple. It would help if you found the blogs on the sites that have broken or deal links. Request that the blogger replace the dead link with the working link to your site’s same content.

For instance, if one can find the blog link dead from a particular web page, you can easily replace the link with another relevant link with high-value resources. If a high-value resource belongs to your site, then search engine optimization and a working link will divert the audience to your site.

Use the Trusted Sites Resources Links

If you are working on manual link building, this is the peak time to use the trusted site resources links. These resources are like the guide that you compile for your target audience. Some of the blog sites and authority sites, like Huffington, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Jeff Bullas, Copyblogger, and Social Media Examiner consist of some valuable resource pages that you can use if you create yours.

If that resource page compiles the list of blogs in your industrial niche, their visitors easily turn on your site.

Distribute and Create Infographics

In the digital marketing world, infographics are still the most effective way of generating inbound links. But the best thing about creating infographics is that you can generate organic traffic on your posted content and earn quality links even if you haven’t asked for the links.

So, you cannot afford to miss creating infographics. Indeed, the unique and visual content is the essential component of the blogs that you publish on the site.

Grow Your Brand

Growing your brand is the best manual link-building strategy. Your brand is your face. The brand evolves from the thoughts and expresses itself externally. When it comes to link building that recognizes your personal brand, they get linked to you automatically.

Whenever you post a new blog on authority sites, this will encourage the natural link. More likely to say that your brand will represent you.

Check Competitors Backlinks

Google is continually changing its algorithm; still, the search engine seems to stick to its insistence on the principle of backlinks. The links that you earned are not built by yourself. Moreover, you will quickly discover that the competitors are getting better links from well-known new resources.

If you find that the competitors are getting a higher rank on the site, you’re on the right track to building your manual link-building strategies accordingly.

The process of checking the competitor’s site involves competitive analysis and simple steps.

  • Identify your specific competitor. It is easy to monitor the web pages to which you are competing in the search engine. But to get assured, you can use a specific tool like and search for the relevant keyword.
  • Next, analyze the backlinks. This will ensure you to whom you are competing. Next, you need to go over the After that, plugin one of the URLs that you gather from SEMrush and click on the search button.

Final Thoughts

Manual Link building is the most crucial factor in ranking your website at the top of the search engine. But remember that Google doesn’t care how many links you have on your site; what strictly matters is the links’ quality. So, follow these simple manual link-building strategies that help achieve your respective goals.

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