Time is set on certain movements of necessity, even large scale companies also believe in it and Google is known to set timelines so things can function well which was similar to Mobile-first indexing which is a mobile process to rank content through Google analytics but things did change and due to unexpected challenges it has to change its decision of time limit. 

Instead of setting deadlines of Sept 2020 and May 2021, now google has gone with an option to extend it beyond and has disabled it so everyone can work smartly and can at least adjust it according to their own time to make it comfortable for the need of all who own websites and want them to be analyzed even though the mobile view. 

Mobile-first indexing- an overview 

  • This term generally refers to the process of analyses and ranking done by Google search engine on basis of android content that is created as google version of it and has been accessible in form of mobile view that is getting more popular due to more visits of the website done through android phone and making it mobile-friendly. 
  •  This specific action plan has come to effect in the form of Mobile-first indexing that refers to the process of analyses done for websites designed on mobile view.  
  • It does help Google like a giant search engine to analyze sharper, to get data in its own version, and yet there are a few unexpected challenges that haven’t allowed every website to get Mobile-first indexing and this is why the deadline precept has now been removed from it. 

Responsive websites 

To begin the process of analyses, however, any platform must have a concept base, no matter whatever may be the core idea, and this is where Responsive websites like precept were introduced so mobile-friendly analytics can become more effective for Google to rank and analyze data. 

These websites are those which are designed for web layout view, but can also be opened from smartphones and they do help Google to analyze more smartly to make Mobile-first indexing more prudent and work things out for mobile ranking.  

Measurement of analytics 

Those who consider Google Analytics to enhance their website do know that it works o a framework where a specific algorithm works to identify content, to rate according to the level of performance, that helps to fix it on the basis of standard and rank it on the web with more visits going on it.  

This concept of measurement works equally well for mobile-first indexing where google rank websites design on mobile through similar analytics, by a high framework of tools with the addition of mobile index graphs involved and lets your content remain available on search engines on top ranks for the view of visitors on smartphones to fix more efficient technical responses. 

Covid situations 

  • However, to make mobile-first indexing possible, Google decided to put a certain deadline where it asked all website owners to convert their website into mobile-friendly websites till September 2020 and make it possible for Google to work things out for better indexing of content to rank them on the search engine by such a facility. 
  • Yet, it couldn’t become possible in form of certain unexpected challenges that arose in form of the Covid situation which not only took more lives but also made things a bit difficult due to which google had to extend the deadline up to March 2021 and requested website creators to reframe the policy and try to make them mobile friendly up to a new time limit. 
  • Still, there are more challenges rising, problems to access mobile-friendly websites from other devices, physical issues of Covid still looming and the deadline has become a certain issue for Google in its actual position to count it for everyone responsible to create websites and wish to rank their content on Google. 

Deadlines disabled 

Finally, it has been considered by the chief of google that the deadline to convert websites into mobile-friendly has to be disabled due to unexpected challenges still becoming more frequent and website owners willing to get more time or space to fix their problems out and get it more efficient to act for mobile-first indexing on the search engine. 

According to the experts, it is not that mobile-first indexing would not become necessary and it still has its equal role with new demands of content analytics on smartphones supported by Google is becoming high, but it has to be done in a more different way so unexpected challenges won’t affect it and website owners can work things out so they can be benefited by such ranking system and get more prolific responses through mobile view to rank their content. 


It depends how you presume it, as a person who is having a website and provide content services, you do want smart analytics even for mobile view and go for having a responsive website, but it has to be in view of everyone and this is how Mobile-first indexing may work on basis of how everybody wants it on a prominent search engine like google. 


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