If you are doing the link building process with the same old technique then you must forget it now because the link building has evolved more than you can imagine. Before the link building was all about hundred to hundreds of links a day but now it is not just about the number. You need to know the relevancy of the link to connect with your customers. As you know the customer awareness has built at a larger level and Google parameters have evolved simultaneously.

The link building process is something much more than just creating links. It is about knowing your customer, understanding their reading intent, creating a link between the reader and the linked content, and various other techniques that needed to be understood by today’s digital marketers. Enormous strategies have been developed that are not even known to digital marketers.

Let us understand some.

Infographics Creation and Even Evolution

If you still wonder what infographics can do for you then you need to read it now and understand how infographics can generate enormous amounts of links for your website. In today’s world infographics is the buzzword and the content is better engaged when displayed through an infographic. It is also research that the infographics are providing 50% of higher reach there than any other type of content.

Why can infographics be helpful in link building? whenever a user reads the content in an infographic then the relevancy is generated more and the chances are more than the infographic will link to the content. Mostly infographics or not used by digital marketers and they avoid its usability but if you use it then you will know it.

Social Media

Isn’t backlinking just about being on the back of your website or other websites? Yes, in traditional Times Backlinking was just about being at the back ends of various websites but now you can be on the social media platform and promote your links. You need to understand that a link building process has evolved and social media platforms have been the biggest contributor to it.

even if you are not an active user of social media then you can start by getting an account on social media platforms and then promoting your website. Social media platforms can provide you free market reach to a large segmented area of customers. If you understand the social media platforms in detail then you will be able to segment the market on these platforms.

Authority Links

The best Link building strategy that is used by most digital marketers his authority links. These links should be referred from a good website which is trusted and reputed. One of the examples of an authority website is the government websites of a country. These websites have the reliability of customers and relevant information that is trusted by each individual.

The customer is attracted to an authority link as they find it reliable but also those authority links should be relevant as any of the authority links could not give that kind of impact to a customer if it is not informative. One of the major reasons that digital marketers love authority links is whenever a customer or user clicks on the authority link then the ranking of the website gets ahead more than you can imagine.

Broken Linking Strategy

The broken links are those links that are avoided by digital marketers but you never know how those links can help you out. First of all, you need to understand what are the broken links, those links which are defective or reach an unknown page or do not give a relative website. The defective links that you have created or someone else has created could be rectified in your favor.

Using broken links by creating your links is one way and also these links will help you out to avoid any customer dissatisfaction by using those broken links. The reliability of customers degrades when the broken links are used on a website. you may find various links on the website and blogs of various individuals who have posted dead links and all these links can be converted in your favor.

Competitors Backlinks

Well, the competitor’s backlink could be better than your bank links and hence you must know what your competitor is doing. First of all, checking the competitor’s bank links helps you understand which website he has targeted and what customer segmentation he is referring to. It also helps in forecasting the next strategy of the competitor.

The competitor’s bank linking strategy helps in various ways, firstly it helps you out a cheque which authority websites he is using which are better than yours, secondly you can understand what backlinks you are not using and you can use, thirdly you will. learn from your competitor.

Replicating Competitors Links

The best idea while checking your competitor’s link is to replace them with your links. Especially those links which are dead links as they are naturally of no use to their content.

Outward Linking

If you are linking your content only to your website which means only internal linking then stop doing it and start external linking. External linking has its own benefits for you and others also. Even if you don’t want it you will need external links to sustain in the future. External links help to grow networks and identify new collaborations. You may not link to your competitor but other sectors are easy to be linked.

Tracking Backlinks

As we found out that there are a plethora of dead links found and even replication is possible so you must track your links now and then. Don’t worry if you think it is a cumbersome task as you can get a chrome extension for these small tasks who can make your work easy. Majestic.com is one of the examples.

Pillars Content

Do you understand the pillars of content writing? If not then you need to know now and apply them now. Everyone understands the content is king and it is mandatory that you add pillar content. Every content is based on pillar content, you need to write at least 6 pillar content that can be linked to your content.

Editorial Links

While editorial links are not that easy to get but it is possible if you can practice all of the white label link-building strategies started above. These are the most important kinds of links and can be acquired naturally with quiet content.


Here are some of the top rank building strategies that are used by digital marketers in various forms. One of these strategies can give you several advantages if used perfectly. You need to understand that all of these strategies should be preplanned and systematically used to get maximum results. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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